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Some Of The Best Mouthwatering Indian Street Foods You Can Enjoy

Just like our culture and ritual, Indian street food is also diverse and colorful. This varies from state to state. Be it an office break or a chilling time during tuition, we Indians cannot resist consuming these not-so-healthy and yet so-yummy street food. Street food in India offers all types of food. So, here is […]

Top 10 Winter Dishes That Make Every Desi Bhartiya Go Gaga

Namaste and hello to everyone reading this blog! I’m Juhi and today I’m back with another entertaining blog. It’s officially sardiyon ka season in India and I can’t keep warm, oops I meant calm. 😄 Winter season has a different charm associated with it. Most people don’t enjoy the cold season but I do as winter season […]

This World Vegetarian Day Celebrate Its Importance During Pregnancy

On 1st October, we are celebrating World Vegetarians Day to spread awareness of how important vegetarian foods are for many people. During pregnancy, women adopt a lot of things to take care of their baby. Visiting the baby scan clinic, going to the doctor, and eating right are some of the most important things to […]

Some Common Mistakes You Are Probably Making While Dieting Regularly

Are you a person who diets regularly, yet still suffering from obesity? Often it happens that the type of diets we keep following does not work on us. Bariatric Care Centres in India says that this normally happens due to mistakes we tend to make unknowingly while dieting. These mistakes not only prevent us from […]

Eid’s Special: Easy Shahi Tukda recipe (taught by my mom)

Eid Mubarak sabko! Eid-Al-Fitr is a beautiful festival associated with spreading love, joy, brotherhood, praying to the Almighty, feeding the needy, and relishing on delicious sweet and meat dishes. Meethi Eid is incomplete without rich, creamy, and nutty sweet delicacies. Sweet dishes that are loved by everyone on this sweet day are sewaiyaan, sheer khurma, […]

Top 6 Healthiest Snack Ideas For Pregnancy!

Pregnancy means hunger pangs. Yes, if you’re a pregnant woman you already know how it feels. You might wanna eat something healthy but your little munchkin inside the womb be asking for a doughnut! As an expecting mother, you should always carry healthy snacks with you wherever you go outside, be it your office, baby […]

How To Make Your Children Drink More Milk

Children are notorious for being picky eaters. Seems like children hate everything healthy for them, one perfect example of the same is milk. Milk is an important source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein. When I was a child I used to hate milk more than anything. My parents were really worried and frustrated about […]

Is The Puchka Preparation Incomplete Without Potato?

Puchka, the king of street food in Kolkata is world-famous and people from different communities enjoy and relish its super awesome and flavorsome taste. The chaats of Kolkata are world-famous and Puchka certainly tops the list. This sweet, tangy, spicy Puchka is well good enough to satiate your hunger and cravings available on the streets […]

Traditional Breakfast Eaten Around The Globe!

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Breakfast, the first and foremost meal of the day that breaks our overnight fast. Your breakfast should be nutritious as well as filling so that you get adequate energy for your daily activities. A hearty breakfast surely makes us prepared for […]