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Which Logo Reveal Video Is Best Suited For Your Brand?

Logo reveals in the UK have become the trend. A lot of brands have already started using them to show off their personalities, stand out from their competitors and dazzle their target audiences. Want to know which logo reveal is best suited for your brand? Have a look: If you want to reveal the name […]

You Must Check These Features Before Selecting Face Protection

Face protection or face shields are designed to protect the entire face of the workers from flying objects, sparks, chemical splashes while working in an industrial worksite. Face protectors are available in varieties of shapes, styles, and materials. Hence, it becomes very difficult to select the perfect face protectors or face shields for workers. Omaga […]

Why Are Well-Designed Business Cards Crucial For A Business?

A business card is a fundamental part of a business. Either you are going to begin a new startup or you have a presiding business, having a business card is inevitable. In this blog, Purpple Designs, the leading graphic design agency in Kolkata is pleased to provide you some important facts about well-planned business cards […]

Why Is GB Logo Design The Best Logo Design Agency In The UK?

It is true that nowadays there are numerous logo design firms in the UK. But not every agency is remarkable and upright. GB Logo Design has become the most recommended logo design bureau in the UK these days. What are the strategies that make GB Logo Design the best while designing a logo? The leading […]

Top 5 Logo By Companies That Became Very Famous

A logo is the face of your brand. Just like people remember you by your face, a brand also needs a face that people could associate with the brand. A custom logo design in the UK would help you to get an identity. However, it is necessary to come up with a logo that is […]

Ideas To Come Up With An Effective Stationery Design For Your Brand

The stationery design for a logo design in the UK will help you create a successful branding for your business. If the branding for your company is done correctly, you shall reap its rewards over the years. A stationery design services in the UK generally consists of letterheads, papers, office supplies, writing equipment, business cards, […]

Top 5 Logos That Would Be Appropriate For An Ice-cream Brand

No matter how the weather is or what your age is, the heart always craves some ice cream. No matter how many brands have existed in the market, the tagline “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream never gets old”. However, with the ever-increasing competition, it is mandatory to keep in mind […]

How Can The Variations In Fonts Make Your Logo More Attractive?

A logo is the face of a brand. Often people associate a brand with its logo. We all know about the concept of colour psychology and how various shades can attract and hold onto your attention. However, one factor that we neglect the most is the font style. Choosing the correct typography for your brand […]