Top 10 Winter Dishes That Make Every Desi Bhartiya Go Gaga

Namaste and hello to everyone reading this blog! I’m Juhi and today I’m back with another entertaining blog. It’s officially sardiyon ka season in India and I can’t keep warm, oops I meant calm. 😄 Winter season has a different charm associated with it. Most people don’t enjoy the cold season but I do as winter season is all about misty mornings, fluffy sweaters or cardigans, garam adrak waali chai, beautiful endings, hope for the New Year, picnics and get-togethers, and of course, scrumptious warm winter delicacies.

Winter in India has a special flavour to it due to amazing warm desi dishes that we get to eat during the cold season. The cold season is considered the best by food lovers because during the winter season, we get hold of many vegetables and greens. Here are top 10 winter dishes that make every desi Bhartiya go gaga!

Gajar ka halwa

Winter seems incomplete without a bowl of hot gajar ka halwa topped with almonds and silver foil! Gajar ka halwa signifies the arrival of the winter season. A bowl of gajar ka halwa prepared with lots of ghee is heaven for every desi Indian like me.

Methi Palak ke pakode

One of my favourites! Methi Palak pakodas are a compulsory snack during the cold season. Since methi and palak greens are easily available during the cold season, people in India love to have methi palak pakodas with their evening cup of tea.

Sarson ka saag and makke ki roti

Sarson ka saag and makke ki roti matlab lunch sorted! Makke ki roti and sarson ka saag are every Punjabi’s lifeblood during the cold season.

Gond ke laddoo

Although you can eat gond ke laddoos whenever you want, eating them during the cold season is highly preferred because these laddoos help you stay warm during the chilliest weather. Now don’t think gond ke laddoos are made with fevicol! Anyway, jokes apart, gond ke laddoos are made with edible gum extracted from tree barks. They are delicious and nutritious so every pregnant woman in India is advised to consume them during pregnancy for a healthy baby.


When I don’t eat chikki, I don’t consider my winter complete. Chikkis are bite-sized sweets made with jaggery and dry fruits. They are highly eaten in India during sardiyon ka mausam to keep the body warm and energetic.

Pav bhaji

There’s a huge difference between pav bhaji eaten during the summer season and the winter season. Pav bhaji prepared during the cold season has a unique flavour and texture due to the added vegetables and spices. Winters mein pav bhaji nahi khaaya toh aakhir khaaya kya?


Although not an Indian dish, momos whether veg or non-veg are still loved by every desi millennial and gen Z (that’s me!). Hot momos with teekhi chutney and warm soups on a winter morning = perfect and happy me! 😘☺️

Seekh kebabs

Is there anyone on this planet who can say no to seekh kebabs? Eating seekh kebabs by sitting near the fireplace and talking to your friends, hmm, who doesn’t want that?

Hare Matar ki ghungni

Winter aaya nahi ki mummy ne matar cheelne ko de diye! Every Bihari kid like me can relate to this situation. Hare Matar ki ghungni is a popular winter snack eaten in Bihar and UP. Chura matar and garam chai ka zabardast combination is something I love and crave during the winter evenings!

Masala chai

Masala chai has a special fan following among desi Indians. Drinking masala chai is like drinking holy water for every desi Bhartiya.

Keep calm and drink masala chai along with the above-mentioned dishes for an enjoyable winter season! See you next time!

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