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This Republic Day, Pledge To Be A Better Citizen To Make India Proud

Well, hello to everyone reading this blog. Juhi is back on track with another interesting blog post so that you get something good to read on this Republic Day! Every year, we celebrate Republic Day in India on January 26th because it is the day when our Indian Constitution that still stands true today came […]

Celebrate Mahalaya And Durga Puja In A Bit Different Way In 2020

On this auspicious day, did you start your day at 4 am by listening to the Mahalaya? After all, it’s one of the normal things that you can do this year. Whether you are planning to celebrate Durga Puja or not, listening to the Mahalaya will certainly make you feel that Ma Durga is coming […]

Teacher’s Day Special: Shout Out To All My Teachers For Being So Awesome! 

A big hello with warm greetings to the one reading my blog! I heartily welcome your presence on my blog! Teachers are the backbone of our society. Good teachers are like candles, they burn themselves to light the world with their intellect. To all those selfless teachers, a big salute and a grand happy teacher’s […]

Rath Yatra: A Festival That Brings Thousands Of People Together

While there are several things that have divided people over the years, it always feels good to see people coming together from all direction for one cause. For many years now rath yatra has been one such festival that brings so many people at the same place at the same time. While religion is believed […]

The Current Scenario Of COVID-19 In India And Its Impact On Economy

While India’s situation is a lot better than other major countries like The US, The UK, China, Italy, Germany, etc. it’s still a scenario that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. As of now, India has got 23000 positive cases out of which around 700 people have already died. While the death toll […]