Teacher’s Day Special

Teacher’s Day Special: Shout Out To All My Teachers For Being So Awesome! 

A big hello with warm greetings to the one reading my blog! I heartily welcome your presence on my blog! Teachers are the backbone of our society. Good teachers are like candles, they burn themselves to light the world with their intellect. To all those selfless teachers, a big salute and a grand happy teacher’s day for being so amazing.

For me, teacher’s day during my school days was all about cultural programmes, gifting an assortment of colourful pens to the teachers, touching their feet, eating those scrumptious and juicy laddoos, and last but not the least, making a sweet promise to our teachers that we will score 95% in our final exams. Truly, those were the golden days. Because of our teachers, we had to worry about almost nothing, as we have attained maturity; we have known how difficult life becomes when you pass out from your school and even college.

I believe education can happen anywhere and at any time and anybody can be your teacher. Your teachers do not have to wear full-rimmed spectacles, carry a scale, and stand in front of the board with a chalk or a whiteboard marker. Your teaching can happen in the confines of a four-walled classroom or the comforts of your home with the aid of digital technology. I believe the biggest teacher is “life”, well, why? It is because what your experiences in life teach you, nobody else can. Practically, we learn better from our experiences than bookish knowledge. There are many people in my life who taught me things that books could never teach me in a million years. This blog is dedicated to those souls, who taught me some good and some bitter but necessary lessons in life. They are no less than my teachers.

My mother

Of course, a mother is the child’s first teacher. She is the one responsible for teaching the child basic tenets of life. In my case too, my mother is my first and foremost teacher. Whenever I behave like a nincompoop, she is the one who knocks some sense on my small head. She taught me a lot of things in her own ways. She is the voice of reason and she highlights things that I most probably overlook (sometimes deliberately and most of the times, non-deliberately). So, yes, she is my teacher and I owe whatever I have learned in my life to her.

My father 

My father is a man of few words. He does not say much but whatever he says need to be jotted down in a golden notebook. He taught me the core values and ethics of life that have made me into the person I am today. I am forever grateful to him for being a unique teacher outside the classroom.

My exes

Of course, my exes gave me no happy experiences except sad tears. But, still, I am thankful to them for giving me bitter experiences that redirected me to good people who gave me great experiences.

My mama and mami

You guys taught me lessons that were not written on my physics or accountancy’s books. I still incorporate the lessons taught by both of you in my daily life.


Thanks, Sudhu for being a good listener and getting on my nerves but yeah, l must say you are the kind of person who does not sugarcoat anything and speaks what needs to be spoken.

Finally, thanks a tonne to all my school and college teachers for being so lovely and compassionate. You were not only an expert in your subject but also an expert in life.

So, if you are a student and reading this, my only advice to you would be to respect your teachers. In fact, double respect them because they are still teaching you even when the world is dealing with a dreadful pandemic outbreak. Take care, see you later!

Author Bio: Juhi Pandey here, the one and only.