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15 things You Didn’t Know About Iceland

1. It’s a museum of the penis Some people come to Iceland for the countryside, some too… eh … The Phallological Museum of Iceland, of course! The ICE Phallology Museum in Reykjavík has the largest penis exhibition in the world with more than 90 different species — including a whale penis of five feet. Seals, […]

Most Famous Places That Are Going To Celebrate Dussehra In 2020

Dussehra is a festival that is celebrated all over India. Many places celebrate this festival in a grand way. There are several cities where it is famous for the celebration of Dussehra. Here are five top places that are famous for celebrating this festival in a grand way. Mysore Mysore has been celebrating this festival […]

Why Shouldn’t We Not Travel More?

Most of us love traveling as it brings positive changes in our physical and psychological well-being. We all have our own reasons to travel. Let us find out some major reasons why we shouldn’t not travel more? Happiness Travelling gives us an opportunity to step away from our daily lifestyle and experience something new and […]