The Current Scenario Of COVID-19 In India And Its Impact On Economy

The Current Scenario Of COVID-19 In India And Its Impact On Economy

While India’s situation is a lot better than other major countries like The US, The UK, China, Italy, Germany, etc. it’s still a scenario that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. As of now, India has got 23000 positive cases out of which around 700 people have already died. While the death toll is certainly not alarming at all compared to other countries, it is still worrisome. As India’s biggest curse is the major population of 1.3 billion people, the government acted quite smartly and swiftly compared to other governments around the world and enforced a lockdown of 21 days. Later on, they extended the lockdown period for 20 more days to control the situation.



Current scenario

But even though the government and doctors are working day and night, the number of cases is still increasing. Sure, if it hadn’t been for early lockdown, just like Italy and The US, it was predicted that the number of cases would have reached 1,00,000. But we will need to bring the number of cases to 0, and that too fast. Otherwise, it will have a huge impact on the economy. Whether it’s the private sector or the government sector, factories or small companies, everything has been shut down for 40 days. Except for the grocery stores and the medicine shops, nothing is being kept open in the whole country. If these 40 days gets extended again prediction is we will have a recession in our country.

While states like Mizoram, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh has no cases right now, the major states like Maharashtra, Gujrat, Delhi, West Bengal are having a huge rise in the number of cases every day. These are the states that are most responsible for India’s economy with most of the industries and jobs situated there. There are several sectors that will have a huge loss.

MSME Sector

The micro, small, and medium enterprises which are basically the backbone of India have been impacted majorly. As the manufacturing and export sectors, which tends to have a huge turnover every year, there has been a huge loss due to its shutdown.

Hospitality and Tourism Sector

Next is the hospitality and tourism sector. This sector has been the most to incur losses with the lockdown. They have been predicted to lose almost 3.8 crore jobs after this pandemic is over.

Aviation Sector

The third one would be the aviation sector. There has already been a lot of layoffs and people are being forced to leave without any payment. This is also a sector where even after the country is opened up, there won’t be any major changes in the situation. As the tourism sector will be down, people will least likely make use of the aviation sector.

Automobile Sector

The next major hit in the economy has been faced by the automobile sector. As transportation has been stopped and the manufacturing plants have been stopped, there has been a sharp drop in production and sales.


The government has released several relief packages for the major sectors where they are trying to pay the daily wage labours and preventing layoffs. But unfortunately, there is no way for us to prevent the upcoming crisis in the economy. All it can be done is to control the situation as quickly as possible and open up the country again. In order to do that number of tests will need to be increased and people will strictly need to stay at home, especially those who are living in hotspots. Otherwise, very soon the number of cases will reach 50000 and we will have an even bigger loss on our hand.

It is not easy managing such a big country with 1.3 billion people where almost 20% of people stay in the slums. It is harder to manage those areas and almost impossible to carry out tests in those places. There have been reports that the death toll and number of cases can be more than 23000 as a lot of them are in the slum areas and these cases aren’t being registered.

But those of you who can it is a humble request to all to understand the gravity of the situation and stay home strictly and stay safe.

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