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Celebrate Mahalaya And Durga Puja In A Bit Different Way In 2020

On this auspicious day, did you start your day at 4 am by listening to the Mahalaya? After all, it’s one of the normal things that you can do this year. Whether you are planning to celebrate Durga Puja or not, listening to the Mahalaya will certainly make you feel that Ma Durga is coming despite all the problems.

We still have one month to go before Durga Puja is here. While some people are adamant in celebrating this festival normally, some are taking a step back this year and not participating in it. But that sounds depressing, doesn’t it? The whole year we have spent struggling either with the virus or our jobs. This festival is not just for praying to God but rather a festival that gives us hope everything will be fine. So, what can be done to celebrate this festival this year and yet stay from infection?

One of the very first things we think of doing before Puja is shopping. Whether you plan to go out or not, you can still do it this year too. Online shopping is a perfect way to shop for any kinds of clothes and shoes you want. The only problem is it takes a much longer time. But you will certainly get more choices than in a shop and return it even if not suitable. So, buy at least two sets of clothes even if you don’t wish to participate in the puja. After all, you never know once the festival day starts, you might even change your mind.

The second most important thing is to be prepared for your safety. Keep masks, sanitizer, face shield and gloves stocked at your home right before puja. Make sure you have these things with you wherever you go.

Lastly, if you don’t want to do pandal hopping this year or even visit a mandap, then here is an alternative for you; Long drive. Get your car and along with your family, go for a long drive. Along the drive, you will get to see a lot of mandaps and Durga puja happening on the street. Even though the big and famous ones in the city are going to have a lot of restrictions, you can enjoy watching the small Durga pujas on the streets while driving.

So, don’t get depressed thinking, this year will be wasted. Rather try to find alternate ways to celebrate your favourite festival. Let us all pray to Ma Durga that things will go back to normal very soon after this year is over.

Subho Mahalaya!!

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