This Republic Day, Pledge To Be A Better Citizen To Make India Proud

Well, hello to everyone reading this blog. Juhi is back on track with another interesting blog post so that you get something good to read on this Republic Day!

Every year, we celebrate Republic Day in India on January 26th because it is the day when our Indian Constitution that still stands true today came into effect. As a citizen of this great country, India, we must take an oath to be a better citizen so that our country can become “sone ki chidiya” like before.

This Republic Day, pledge to be a better Indian citizen to make our country proud. How will you achieve that? By doing the following things.

Become eco-friendly

We are living in 2021, if we don’t become conscious about our environment now then when would we? Become eco-friendly as much as you can. Save water, use public transportation, conserve energy by using less electricity, invest in eco-friendly products and technology,  believe in the 3 R’s, plant more trees, avoid wasting food and resources, and so on.

Obey rules and regulations

Nobody will consider you a good citizen if you flout the rules and regulations of the land. Know your rights so that nobody takes you for granted and obey the laws as laid by the Indian Constitution because that’s why we celebrate Republic Day – to pay homage to our land’s rule book.

Keep your surroundings clean

PM Modi has already emphasized the importance of cleanliness in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, still, people litter and spit on roads which is absolutely not a sign of being a good citizen. Just as you keep your home clean, in the same way, you must ensure that your surroundings are neat and clean.

Be kind, compassionate, and respectful

A good Indian citizen is someone who is kind and compassionate to others and respects everyone’s property. Remember, you are living in a society so it is important to be a responsible citizen because troubling others is never cool.

Stay updated on the latest news and trends

Although news channels can be depressing and mundane to watch, they are crucial to make you stay updated on the current events. You can either watch news on your TV or smartphone or you can go old school by reading the morning newspaper. Doing so will allow you to know your city and country better.

Be vocal for local

The pandemic year of 2020 taught us the importance of relying upon local goods and services. We must encourage our local Indian brands so that they do well and make our country’s economy prosperous. I try to use as many local products as I can, what about you?

You don’t have to donate lots of money to become a good Indian citizen. Doing simple things as stated above is more than enough to make you an ideal citizen of our beautiful and lovely country, India.


Author Bio: Juhi Pandey – writer living in her own sensible world.