Eid’s Special Easy Shahi Tukda recipe (taught by my mom)

Eid’s Special: Easy Shahi Tukda recipe (taught by my mom)

Eid Mubarak sabko! Eid-Al-Fitr is a beautiful festival associated with spreading love, joy, brotherhood, praying to the Almighty, feeding the needy, and relishing on delicious sweet and meat dishes.

Meethi Eid is incomplete without rich, creamy, and nutty sweet delicacies. Sweet dishes that are loved by everyone on this sweet day are sewaiyaan, sheer khurma, firni, shahi tukda or double ka meetha, sheermal, and the rest you’ll tell me in the comment section below.

Even though I’m a Non-Muslim, I love to have various special dishes, like biryani, mutton korma, and tangri kebabs on Eid. My mother always prepares sewai and on my special request, my favourite shahi tukda on Eid. Shahi Tukda or authentically called Mughlai Bread Pudding is a sweet dish made by immersing the fried bread slices into sweetened and flavoured milk mixture and then garnishing them with dry fruits. This sweet dish is flavourful, oozes royalty, and is a perfect treat on Meethi Eid. The best thing I like about shahi tukda is that unlike other royal sweet dishes, this dish needs only few ingredients and is yet flavoursome and purely ambrosial.

On this sweet occasion of Eid-Al-Fitr, I feel glad to share the easiest Shahi Tukda recipe taught by my mother. Without adding any more words for the sake of increasing the blog’s length, let’s take a sweet look at the recipe! 😉

Easy Shahi Tukda Recipe (serves 2-3)

Shahi Tukda


To make Shahi Tukda, you need,

• 4 bread slices
• Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
• Double-toned milk – Half litre
• Saffron – 1 pinch
• Chopped dry fruits of your choice (preferably almonds, cashews, and pistachios)
• Condensed milk – 1 small cup
• Pure ghee – 3 tbsps (for frying the bread pieces)

Let’s now make this amazing recipe!

• Cut the bread slices into triangular pieces.
• Fry them in pure ghee till they turn golden brown.
• Keep the fried bread pieces on absorbent or tissue papers to get rid of the excess ghee.
• In a saucepan, boil the milk till it thickens.
• Add condensed milk into the saucepan. Stir well.
• Allow the milk mixture to reach a thick consistency by letting it cook for 1-2 minutes.
• Add cardamom powder and saffron strands into the milk.
• Stir for a minute.
• Let the mixture cool down.
• Organize the fried bread slices on a plate.
• Pour the milk mixture on the top of your bread pieces gently.
• Garnish with chopped dry fruits.
• Serve and enjoy with your loved ones!

Trust me, you’ll fall in love with Shahi Tukda once you devour it. Let me know in the comment section below how well this sweet dish turned out. Khuda Hafiz everyone!

Author Bio: Hello amazing people! I’m Juhi Pandey, the girl who would rather eat burger and fries on the weekend wearing Hello Kitty pyjamas than go out in the club for few drinks!