World Vegetarian Day

This World Vegetarian Day Celebrate Its Importance During Pregnancy

On 1st October, we are celebrating World Vegetarians Day to spread awareness of how important vegetarian foods are for many people. During pregnancy, women adopt a lot of things to take care of their baby. Visiting the baby scan clinic, going to the doctor, and eating right are some of the most important things to do during this time. But a lot of people has a misconception that it is essential to have non-vegetarian foods during pregnancy, otherwise, the baby might turn out to be weak. But this is not true. If you are a vegetarian, you can survive eating only those foods and your health will be fine.

It is understandable that when it comes to protein, meat is the most useful food to get it. But several other fruits, vegetables and dairy products also carry the same amount of protein. For all other nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamins, etc. all of them are mostly found in fruits and vegetables. This is why even if you want to give up non-vegetarian foods it won’t matter as much. But it will certainly matter if you suddenly give up vegetables and fruits. Here is a list of vegetarian foods that you can include in your diet during pregnancy, even if you don’t want to include meat.


This is most important where you should include at least 4 servings of vegetables in your diet. These vegetables can be cooked or even raw if thoroughly washed. Although raw food is not recommended during pregnancy. Most importantly, you need to include green vegetables as much as possible.



The second most important are fruits. Fruits are mostly eaten as healthy snacks during pregnancy. Most fruits except papaya, pineapple, etc. are allowed to be taken during pregnancy that won’t harm you. You can have these fruits in raw form or make it in juice or smoothies. Among fruit, dry fruits are also included.

Whole Grains, Bread, Cereals

Whole Grains

Bread, cereals, rice, wheat, etc. are all important for providing protein and carbohydrates. You every meal should include at least one of them.

Nuts, Seeds, Wheat Germ


Don’t ignore the importance of nuts, seeds, etc. These contain protein, iron, vitamins. 1 or 2 servings of these are enough for per day.

Dairy Products, Legumes

Dairy Products

If you don’t like meat, then dairy products will be your main source of protein. So, you can have milk, yoghurt, milkshake, tofu, etc. to replace meat in your major meals.

So, if you are a vegetarian, include these foods in your diet and don’t miss out on any appointment to your baby scan clinic in Reading.

Author Bio: Hi, I am Kristy Barrett. I work full time-time in a well being-care facility and I enjoy blogging about parenting and mom-care in my free time.