Pregnancy Snacks

Top 6 Healthiest Snack Ideas For Pregnancy!

Pregnancy means hunger pangs. Yes, if you’re a pregnant woman you already know how it feels. You might wanna eat something healthy but your little munchkin inside the womb be asking for a doughnut! As an expecting mother, you should always carry healthy snacks with you wherever you go outside, be it your office, baby scan clinic or doctor’s chamber because you never know when hunger hits you.

But what are your options when it comes to healthy snacks? Well, let me show you here. Let’s look at 6 healthiest snack ideas for pregnancy.



Now why should I not include fruits in this list? We all know how amazing fruits are for our bodies. There are many superfruits you can eat during pregnancy, like apples, bananas, strawberries, oranges, and so on. Always carry a fruit of your choice inside your office’s lunch box or backpack. You can consume a large bowl of fruit salad and even add a twist to it by using nut butter and chocolate syrup.

Eggs Wraps n Sandwiches


Eggs are the healthiest during pregnancy. They have choline, protein, calcium and vitamin B 12, all essential nutrients for your unborn baby. While boiled eggs are an option they might feel boring so go for a classic egg salad sandwich or even a steak and egg wrap. Choice is yours!

Yoghurt with fruits


I’ve included yoghurt in this list because calcium is required during pregnancy and if we talk about a healthy and tasty snack option which is rich in calcium and probiotics then yoghurt with fruit tops the list. Trust me, yoghurt with fruits taste delicious, so do try them out.

Trail Mix

dry fruits

If you’re looking for something dry to munch on then why not try dry fruits! Invest in a trail mix which is basically a mixture of all the dry fruits so that you get the benefit and flavour of all the nuts.



Avocado has many fans in the UK because it gives us our favourite guacamole. Raise your hands if you love guacamole. You can eat guacamole with chips, veggies, and can even spread it on your sandwiches. So, say holy guacamole!

Nutrition Bars

Nutrition Bars

Nutrition bars are sent by God! They are super tasty, healthy, and handy which is why they are perfect to become your pregnancy snack!

I hope you try the above-mentioned snacks during your pregnancy. Eat well, drink well, sleep well, and visit your obstetrician and ultrasound baby scan clinic regularly.

Author Bio: Hi to all. My name’s Pamela Taylor and I live in Aylesbury with my only child and husband. I love writing blogs on pregnancy and parenting so expecting and new parents, don’t forget to follow my blog!