Is The Puchka Preparation Incomplete Without Potato?

Puchka, the king of street food in Kolkata is world-famous and people from different communities enjoy and relish its super awesome and flavorsome taste. The chaats of Kolkata are world-famous and Puchka certainly tops the list. This sweet, tangy, spicy Puchka is well good enough to satiate your hunger and cravings available on the streets of Kolkata. Earlier, Puchka was available in only one or two varieties like traditional Puchka and Churmur. With time, the new variations were discovered and more different types of Puchkas got introduced such as Dahi puchka, Cheese Puchka and so on.


We all know that Puchka contains three main ingredients- fried round puris or balls, it’s filling and the tamarind water. These three, when combined, creates the magical and heavenly taste of Puchka that we cannot simply resist. It is believed that the filling inside the puchka is the core ingredient that defines its taste the most. The star ingredient of the filling is potato. The potato filling is mixed with boiled chickpeas, coriannder leaves and topped with different spices to complete its preparation. All the traditional Puchkawalas use this filling of potato, however, the method of preparation and taste can differ.


Therefore, it can be said that potato is a must-have ingredient for Puchka preparation. However, there are many different and unique varieties of Puchkas now available in the market apart from the traditional Puchkas or Fuchkas and our beloved Churmur. Both the Churmur and traditional preparation of puchka is incomplete without the use of boiled potatoes. However, the new additions in the puchka menu may or may not require potato as an ingredient. We serve more than seventeen varieties of Puchka in our outlets in City Centre 2, RDB Cinemas and Ecospace Business Park. Some potato exceptions include Cheese Puchka, Cheese Burst Puchka, Nutella Puchka, Tutti fruity Puchka, Pan Puchka, Corn Mayo Puchka, and Kurkure Puchka. To enjoy these unique varieties of Puchkas without potato filling, you certainly have to visit us. Or, you can simply order online using Zomato, Swiggy.


We are known for the most hygienic Puchkas in the City of Joy. We serve freshly prepared Puchkas using clean hands and filtered water. Do try the most unique varieties of Puchkas at out outlets and do not forget to give your valuable feedback online. See you soon!

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