Children Drinking Milk

How To Make Your Children Drink More Milk

Children are notorious for being picky eaters. Seems like children hate everything healthy for them, one perfect example of the same is milk. Milk is an important source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein. When I was a child I used to hate milk more than anything. My parents were really worried and frustrated about this so they came up with new ways to make me drink more milk. They also consulted a paediatrician from a renowned hospital to get some solution. Finally, they found peace and made the milk more enticing by adding elaichi powder, kesar pista, and served them on a beautiful barbie doll glass!

As per expert paediatricians, children must drink 2 glasses of milk every day. But what if your child runs whenever he or she sees a glass of milk. Well, I’ve got your back and would like to give you some tips that will make your children excited about drinking milk.

Flavour it up

Children mostly hate milk because of its smell and taste. If your kid is not a big fan of milk’s smell and taste then you can add natural flavouring agents to amplify the taste and reduce the smell. You can add flavouring agents, like cardamom powder, turmeric, chocolate syrup, vanilla essence, rose syrup, saffron, dry fruit powder, etc to your little one’s glass of milk.

Serve it better

If you’ve seen Masterchef you probably know the value of presentation! Serving your toddler’s milk on a boring glass is a big No! Be creative and invest in designer tumblers and fun straws to interest your little darling. You can make milk more appealing by garnishing it with dry fruits, rose petals, choco chips, strawberries, and even by making a smiley face with chocolate syrup!

Time to sneak milk


Isn’t it funny how children hate milk but swoon over ice creams and chocolates both made from the courtesy of milk? Well, why not use this weakness to your advantage and add milk in other ways. Let your child consume milk products, like paneer, yoghurt, ghee, and products made from milk, like homemade milk ice creams, kheer, ras malai, sewai, and other milk-based sweets or desserts.

Always start with small quantities of milk and serve milk instead of water during meals. It has been proven that children imitate the adults so you should also drink milk along with your children. Let’s have a good-natured competition on who finishes the glass first!

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