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Attention! Listen To What Your Lips Are Saying About Your Health

Greetings to the dear readers! I’m Juhi who is back with another super amazing and informative blog this month. Hope you are practising good hygiene, wearing a mask while going outside (actually, you should avoid stepping out as much as possible), and opting for contactless online deliveries. It is a difficult time to live in […]

Love Chicken? You’ll Love It More After Reading Its Health Benefits 

Hello chicken lovers! Where have you been? Chicken is such a versatile food item that it can be transformed into many mouth-watering dishes – it could become chicken burger, chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken or even chicken stews. Okay, lemme include chicken biryani too because I don’t wanna disappoint my beloved readers who are hardcore […]

Do These 6 Healthy Things And Let Your Brain Thank You!

The brain is called the most integral organ of our dear body. Human brain is a perfect simile for a computer’s CPU, in fact, I would say CPU is no match against the human brain. The human brain is divine and intriguing. According to neurologists from various best hospitals in Kolkata, our brain needs adequate nutrition and mind-boosting […]

In Constant Stress? Your Gynaecological Health Has Something To Say

Stress is indeed the thief of joy. Being a woman is powerful and apprehensive at the same time. As a woman, we deal with various things in our daily life. Obviously, when we wear so many hats every day (thanks to societal norms of expecting so much from the fairer sex), stress becomes inevitable and […]

Practice Yoga To Cope Being Quarantined At Home

We all have been home quarantined to avoid the transmission of Coronavirus. Many scientists are working day and night to find the ultimate vaccine for Covid-19. The entire nation is on lockdown and only essential services are opened, like grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacy. Since we still do not have the vaccine or antidote yet, we have […]

How To Make Your Children Drink More Milk

Children are notorious for being picky eaters. Seems like children hate everything healthy for them, one perfect example of the same is milk. Milk is an important source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein. When I was a child I used to hate milk more than anything. My parents were really worried and frustrated about […]