Brain Boosting Ideas

Do These 6 Healthy Things And Let Your Brain Thank You!

The brain is called the most integral organ of our dear body. Human brain is a perfect simile for a computer’s CPU, in fact, I would say CPU is no match against the human brain.

The human brain is divine and intriguing. According to neurologists from various best hospitals in Kolkata, our brain needs adequate nutrition and mind-boosting exercises to stay young and healthy. It is needless to mention that following a disciplined and healthy lifestyle can add lots of benefits to the brain.

The year 2020 has been rough on all of us. Almost everyone is facing brain fog, the ultimate side effect of endless home quarantine. Brain fog is a real thing so here I present 6 healthy things you must do so that your brain gives you a toast!

Live a healthy lifestyle


Everything is encircled around a healthy lifestyle. Don’t expect your brain to work at its best when you have not nourished it with food and a good night sleep. Include brain-foods, like walnuts, peanuts, almonds, fish, dark chocolate, whole grains, and do not stay up late at night. Also, don’t forget to involve yourself in physical activities because you need the endorphins going!

Take a chill pill

Chill Pill

Constant stress can cloud your brain’s judgement and it has been said that chronic stress is the culprit behind the loss of brain cells. So it’s better to avoid stressing over anything. Cheer up and enjoy life.

One thing at a time

Keep Calm

Multitasking is an impressive skill but if you multitask at every moment then trust me you are not doing anyone a favour. Multitasking puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your brain so yeah, stop being a juggler.

Be a learner

New Recipes

Our brain undergoes a positive transformation every time we learn something new. You can learn whatever you’re interested in, it could be a new recipe, new life skill or anything of your choice.

Be smart, play games

Rubik"s Cube

Smart people play smart games. Playing brain-training games can sharpen your reasoning skills, problem-solving skills, and even memory. Some best examples of brain games: Sudoku, Chess, Rubik’s Cube, Crosswords, Monopoly, and the rest you’ll tell me in the comments section.

Make something 

Guitar Hacks

Creating something involves your brain, hands and sometimes vocal cords (for the ones who compose music). Making something on your own gives a sense of confidence, pleasure and productivity, all of them being good for your brain. Invent a new recipe, create a new craft, compose a new song, there are plenty of things to do!

Hope my blog helps you in some way. As a person who believes in the power of good health, I would highly recommend you to get annual health checkups from a good hospital in Kolkata.

Author Bio: My name’s Juhi Pandey. Consider me your ultimate health encyclopedia!