Attention! Listen To What Your Lips Are Saying About Your Health

Greetings to the dear readers! I’m Juhi who is back with another super amazing and informative blog this month. Hope you are practising good hygiene, wearing a mask while going outside (actually, you should avoid stepping out as much as possible), and opting for contactless online deliveries. It is a difficult time to live in but hopefully, this too shall pass!

Now, coming back to today’s topic, lips! Kissable lips are everyone’s dream. To achieve that, we use a lot of lip products, such as lip balm, lip scrub, lip liner, lip gloss, and every woman’s favourite commodity, lipstick! Gone are the days when vaseline and chapstick would do the trick, with the onset of time, we have started using numerous products on our lips. There’s no harm in using lip care products but don’t you think, the usage of such products have made us forget what our natural lips look like? Your natural lips are an important parameter to check your overall health. Just like our nails and hair, lips too provide an insight into what’s going on inside your body.

Let’s look at what your lips condition is indicating about your health.

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Chapped and dry lips

Okay, everyone encounters dry and chappy lips and apply a layer of lip balm as a last resort. But do you know what dry and chapped lips mean? They indicate that your body needs immediate hydration. Dry and chapped lips are not a serious problem, so whenever your lips become dry, drink a glass of water or any other healthy fluid of your choice as a measure.

Swollen lips

Ladies, I know you all want pouty lips just like Kylie Jenner but do you know what swollen lips are pointing at? Swollen lips can happen due to a variety of reasons, like infection, allergic reactions, and trauma or injury to the lip tissues. Visit a medical specialist if you experience symptoms, such as burning red lips, swollen tongue, itchy throat, along with swollen lips.

Pale or discoloured lips 

Pale lips can happen due to anaemia, other vitamin deficiencies, or even lack of sun exposure. Discoloured lips can also occur due to excessive sun exposure, usage of poor-quality lip products, and even smoking.

Blue lips

Your lips can become blue without you wearing blue lipstick. Blue lips indicate poor oxygen levels in the blood and hence should be taken seriously.

Sensitive lips

Lips should be soft, not sensitive. If your lips have become too sensitive to touch then that hint towards lip inflammation due to usage of any allergic product, which could be toothpaste, lipstick, or chapstick.

Take great care of lips by using the right products and practising well-hydration.

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