Logo Designs In UK Graphic Designers Behind Famous Brand Logos

Logo Designs In UK: Graphic Designers Behind Famous Brand Logos

Graphic designing is a very important field in today’s world. Do you know the names of graphic designers who created some of the best corporate logo designs of all time? Read this blog to know the names of graphic or logo designers responsible for creating ethereal logo designs that are forever engraved in our minds.

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Apple – Rob Janoff

Apple - Rob Janoff
Apple products are not only popular and widely used in the US but UK as well. Rob Janoff drew the infamous Apple logo in the year 1977 which is still very much alive today with slight frequently-changing variations.



Google – Ruth Kedar

Google - Ruth Kedar
The designer behind Google’s logo is none other than Ruth Kedar. She created the iconic logo for her client, Google in 1999.




Amazon – Turner Duckworth

Amazon - Turner Duckworth
Almost all of us have shopped from Amazon and the logo of the e-commerce brand is easily recognized to the masses. Turner Duckworth designed the sophisticated Amazon logo which is still used today.



KFC – Lippincott & Margulies

KFC - Lippincott & Margulies
KFC’s original logo was designed by Lippincott and Margulies in the year 1952 and has undergone many changes since then but the constant is the real mascot – Colonel Sanders.

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Starbucks – Terry Heckler

Starbucks - Terry Heckler
Starbucks’ logo has gone through some evolutions to suit the changing times. Terry Heckler created the mesmerizing two-tailed mermaid logo design for Starbucks which is symbolic to serenity and love.



Mc Donald’s – Jim Schindler

Mc Donald’s - Jim Schindler
The popular fast-food chain, Mc Donald’s got its logo in the year 1962 due to Jim Schindler, the man who gave golden arches to the logo. The current logo has kept the attributes of the original logo with Mc Donald’s tagline, “I’m Lovin’ It”.


Nike – Carolyn Davidson

Nike - Carolyn Davidson
Carolyn Davidson created the swoosh logo that the brand Nike even boasts today. Nike has an extremely simple and sophisticated logo design that resembles motion.



Microsoft – Scott Baker

Microsoft - Scott Baker
Microsoft is a technological corporation that needs no introduction. Scott Baker gave a corporate look to Microsoft’s brand by designing a logo that is still relevant to the changing times today.



The logo designs of this brands might have been improvised but the brands were smart enough to incorporate the fragments of their previous logo designs as created by the original logo designers.

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