Time To Talk About KFC’s Logo Design

Time To Talk About KFC’s Logo Design

There’s no shortage of chicken lovers in the UK! KFC knew it and opened its food chains across UK which are doing extremely well by the grace of people who can’t say no to juicy and crispy chicken! I mean we all love zinger box meals and chicken buckets by KFC! They are just wow!

But hold on, guys! Have you ever wondered or given one leisure thought that what the KFC’s logo design is trying to tell you? Well, today is the day when I’ll share what the logo of a famous fast-food chain is all about, so, there’s no time for any further ado, let’s jump straight to the topic!

As we all know, KFC is the second-largest American fast food restaurant chain after McDonald’s and has more than 900 food outlets in the United Kingdom. KFC has a mascot logo and do you know who the mascot resembles? When we look at the mascot logo, we find a friendly-looking and jolly face of an old man. The man is none other than Colonel Sanders himself! The mascot was chosen to honour the memory of the American entrepreneur Harland David Sanders.

kfc logo


The current KFC logo is designed by Tesser, the San Francisco-based branding firm. Now, I would like to give my two cents on the choice of colours used in my favourite food chain, KFC. The colour combination is subtle yet vibrant. The designer chose red and white to amplify the amiable disposition of Colonel Sanders. The colour, red is used because they sell us food (mind-blowing chicken to say the least) and fast-food restaurants mostly prefer colours, like red and yellow because as per colour psychology, these two colours stimulate the appetite! They have used the wordmark KFC too, because obviously that’s important!

In the logo, we find him wearing a black bow tie, red chef’s apron, and eyeglasses. The logo design did full justice to portray Colonel Sanders’ personality.

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