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How Ultrasound Scan Can Help During Pregnancy?

An ultrasound or ultrasonogram conducted for pregnancy helps to monitor fetal development and scan for any possible complications in pregnancy. It is used to check multiple pregnancies and helps to find any abnormality. The ultrasound is painless and non-invasive and most importantly is safe for both the mother and the baby.

The scans are conducted at routine intervals to closely examine the growth and development of the fetus inside the uterus. It helps to check any abnormality development in the fetus and checks for any birth defect developed due to genetic traits or nutritional deficit.

The scans are conducted as early as six weeks. The due date is calculated from the LMP or the last date of the period. The scans are conducted as early as the pregnancy is detected at Private Ultrasound Scan Leicester. The scan reveals the location of the fetus and the location of the yolk sac. At early weeks the fetus is seen deriving nourishment from the yolk sac, as during the early stage the placenta does not develop during the early stage. The placenta derives nourishment from the mother, in absence of the placenta during the early days the yolk sac plays the role.

ultrasound scan leicester

The scan done at about sixteen weeks at the clinic can reveal the gender of the baby. The gender of the baby can be revealed as early as twelve to thirteen weeks. The baby is seen developing, the arms, legs and, ears are seen developing as tiny parts of the fetus at this stage.

The scan done at a later stage that is twenty weeks reveals the nuchal translucency or the size of the clear tissue at the back of the neck, the fluid at the back of the neck is tested at Private Ultrasound Scan Leicester. The later scan at twenty-four weeks reveals the 3 D pictures of the baby moving. The whole system is placed at the right place and the abnormalities at this stage are easily detectable by the scan which would otherwise be not detected at all.

The scans were done at the late stage which is as late as twenty-six weeks show the growth and development of the fetus. The amniotic fluid and the placenta are shown well in the late scan.