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7 Benefits of Early Pregnancy Scans at Leicester Clinic


Pregnancy, once confirmed, needs a lot of care and support. Taking care of your health should be your topmost priority. Only then, your baby will develop properly and you won’t face any issues in your pregnancy. Keeping a regular check-up on your baby is also important. An early pregnancy scan at the beginning of the pregnancy can help a lot in doing that. Here are some benefits which you can get from this scan.

Relax mind during pregnancy

  • Even after taking the test at home, you might still be full of anxiety about your pregnancy. An early pregnancy scan is a perfect solution to settle your mind. You can easily from week 6 of your pregnancy, whether you are actually pregnant by getting an early pregnancy scan.


due date of pregnancy

  • You can easily find out for how long you have been pregnant after visiting a clinic. This helps you in getting an accurate estimate of when your baby will be due. Once you get to know the due date, you can easily start making preparations accordingly to welcome your baby home.


normal pregnancy


  • While on one hand, confirming your pregnancy is important, on the other hand, knowing whether your pregnancy is normal or not is also important. Sometimes, ectopic pregnancy can also occur. The only solution to ectopic pregnancy is getting surgery. Ectopic pregnancy can occur if you have experienced one previously. Otherwise, there is a definite reason why this condition occurs.



  • Another essential benefit to an early pregnancy scan is finding out if you are having twins. Not only giving birth to twins can be scary but also preparing yourself for twins can be a lot of work. Everything you were going to do for your baby, you will need to do twice, except getting an early pregnancy scan. You can find out if both the fetuses are developing and growing according to how they should.



Regular Heartbeat of Fetus

  • Another benefit is that this scan can easily detect the regular heartbeat of the fetus. A regular heartbeat can tell a lot of things about your baby including the fact how much healthy your baby is. This can assure a lot if you are going to be a mother for the first time.



pregnancy risks

  • If your pregnancy is a high risk which can occur if your age is above 35 or you have other health issues, your pregnancy needs to be under a lot of care. An early pregnancy scan will provide that care if you keep your pregnancy under regular check-ups. As statistics show that a lot of pregnancies can end up in miscarriages. As sad as it sounds, it is essential that you keep a check with th4e help of this scan if you don’t want to face this tragedy.



first scan images

  • You don’t need to wait for a long time until you can avail a nuchal scan to know about the condition of your pregnancy. As the name suggests, you can get this scan as early as possible after you have confirmed your pregnancy at home. Not only that, but you will also get to keep pictures and videos from your first scan. You can also show it to your family and close friends if you wish to.




If you want to get all these benefits, you should avail an early pregnancy scan in Leicester to have a healthy pregnancy.