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How Much Does Private Ultrasound Scan Cost in Cardiff?

For an ultrasound scan choosing a private clinic is always the best choice. Not only it is affordable but also provides the best care. If you go for a private ultrasound scan in Cardiff, you will get the best care with experienced people and good equipment. Several scans which are available serve different kinds of […]

Why Growth Scan Is Needed During the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy?

While your baby keeps growing, you will require keeping a check on the growth of your baby from time to time. A growth scan is required to do exactly that. A growth scan offer is needed for various reasons during pregnancy. A growth scan also offers to check the normal development of the fetus growing […]

5 Signs That Can Tell You About Your Abnormal Pregnancy

Abnormal pregnancy, though unfortunate, can still occur in many cases. Although, it can’t be prevented various ways are there to help you detect any abnormality in your pregnancy before any serious complications occur. You can avail a fetal health scan to know if you truly have an abnormal pregnancy. But often there are some signs you might […]

7 Benefits of Early Pregnancy Scans at Leicester Clinic

  Pregnancy, once confirmed, needs a lot of care and support. Taking care of your health should be your topmost priority. Only then, your baby will develop properly and you won’t face any issues in your pregnancy. Keeping a regular check-up on your baby is also important. An early pregnancy scan at the beginning of […]