Private Ultrasound Scan

How Much Does Private Ultrasound Scan Cost in Cardiff?

For an ultrasound scan choosing a private clinic is always the best choice. Not only it is affordable but also provides the best care. If you go for a private ultrasound scan in Cardiff, you will get the best care with experienced people and good equipment. Several scans which are available serve different kinds of purposes. Some of the private ultrasound scan packages are given below.

Early Pregnancy Scan

The very first that you must avail is an early pregnancy scan. Three things you can get under this scan are viability scan, dating scan, and early scan. Each of them can be availed by you in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Whether there is any abnormality in the pregnancy, it can be found by the scan. You will be able to know how many numbers of babies you will have. You can also hear the heartbeat of your baby right at the beginning of your pregnancy from week 6. You will get to know the approximate date you are expected to give birth to your baby. You can know all of these at an affordable price during your first trimester.

Well-being + Gender Scan

During your second trimester which is from week 16 to week 24, you can get a different kind of private ultrasound scan. You will get a report of every single thing of your pregnancy to let you know about your well-being. Anything wrong with your health or your baby will be brought to the doctor’s notice immediately. You can also know the gender of your baby if you wish to. The clinic is well-known for giving surprises to people with gender reveal balloons. At an affordable price, you can get all these and get to keep images of your baby as keepsakes.

Well-being + 4D Scan

A 4D scan is one of the most preferred scans nowadays where you can easily see your baby’s movements clearly. This scan is available for everyone from week 24. This is the exact time when a baby starts to move, yawn and kick. You can see all these movements clearly with the help of this scan and even take a recording of it at home. Other than that, any kind of birth defect can be easily detected with this scan.

Growth & Presentation Scan

Lastly, this scan is also available from week 24-42 at a very affordable price. You can learn the measurement of your baby’s head, circumference, abdominal size, and length of the femur. Also, it gives you an estimated fetal weight. All these measurements will let you know if your baby’s growth is normal.

Therefore, choose a private ultrasound scan in Cardiff  as these are quite affordable.