Online Trolling

Why Online Trolling Has Become The New Normal

Well, hello my fabulous readers! Juhi is here now! Writing without creating any controversy is so damn hard! I was in deep thought to find the perfect topic for my today’s blog and all of a sudden my cell phone buzzed because of one new Facebook’s notification. Well, it was a reply to my comment and thankfully he was not a troll and very respectful (Saturnalia miracle). I have had a fair share of online trolls in my virtual life, some of them would give unsolicited gyaan while some would make personal remarks which were purely baseless. For a few seconds, I would feel bad then after a while, I would let their words sublime. But I know that there are people who receive online hate on a regular basis and not everyone is thick-skinned like me.

Trolling is no longer limited to just celebrities. Online trolls are such lowlifes that they will troll you even when you haven’t done anything wrong to them. Well, why do people troll? The first reason – because they are jobless, the second reason – because internet has become more accessible now, and the third and very important reason is their inadequacies. They are not happy with themselves and hence trolling is the only way they can feel good about themselves. We all are different human beings and my opinion might or might not match with yours and that’s absolutely fine. Just because someone does not agree with your opinion does not mean you will troll them like there is no tomorrow. Public figures of course bear the highest brunt of online trolls. The person who is mocked online almost every day is Abhishek Bachchan. Netizens give him names daily and there was a troll who even dared to say that the actor would still be jobless even when the theatres open. Junior Bachchan replied gracefully but I think it’s better to ignore people who make useless comments. Have they forgotten his role in Guru, Sarkar, and Manmarziyaan? Come on, give that man a break because in our country, nonsensical commercial movies are more bankable than intellectual films carrying some sense.

Another example is Ravish Kumar, if there are people who admire him then there are people (trolls) who are not qualified enough to understand him. He is trolled too and he even gets death threats because he questions the current government.

If you are a woman who loves making unpopular opinions in social media platforms then you are sure to get rape threats, case in point Agrima Joshua (just google the entire case if you don’t know).

Making comments that are mean, hurtful, disrespectful, and distasteful will never make you cool, in fact, it only shows your upbringing. If you ever come across online trolls who make bullshit comments then report their comment and their profile and block them immediately. And to trolls, live and let live and thoda kaam bhi karlo.

So, I think this much rant or gyaan is enough for today. Will see you soon again with another interesting blog. Take care and ignore the trolls!

Author’s Bio: I’m Juhi Pandey, the girl who is not afraid to express herself.