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Well Being Scan Clinic Cardiff And Other Things You Need During Pregnancy

Taking an Early Pregnancy Scan in Cardiff is very important, but other important things are needed during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman’s life. That said, there are also special essentials that a pregnant woman should have for a smooth journey to delivery such as a 4D well-being scan in Cardiff. But what are they? We have highlighted some of the most essential ones here below:

• A Good Moisturizer

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Your belly will stretch and grow as the baby grows, and you are likely to experience some skin changes. For instance, your skin may become itchy and dry. You may also experience extra dry skin, especially on your face. Stretch marks on the belly are also common. To deal with all these, you should get yourself a good moisturizer, which you can apply on your belly and any other dry patches of your skin. A moisturizer is soothing and can help ease any itches. You should go for simple, non-prescription moisturizers as they are usually safe for pregnant women. However, if there are any specific ingredients you need to avoid, then you can consult with your healthcare provider.

• Body Pillow

pregnancy pillow

As your belly grows and expands, chances are that it might start becoming difficult to find a comfortable or good position to sleep in. You should avoid sleeping on your back as the belly grows because doing will mean that you are risking constricting arteries and vessels that supply blood to the baby. The bigger your belly becomes the bigger obstacle your tummy becomes to sleeping.

Buy a pregnancy body pillow and enter into it while sleeping. These pillows are great for pregnant women because they are designed to offer extra support, especially for your back, legs, and hips as you try to find a side-lying position to sleep in.

• Supportive Bra

pregnancy bra

During the first trimester, your breasts will grow. In fact, they will grow one cup size or bigger, thereby becoming sore and heavy. This happens during the first trimester. Because of these changes, you are likely to require at least one new bra. The best one would be that which is soft, supportive, and adjustable because your breasts will continue to grow throughout the pregnancy.


• Digestive and Morning Sickness Remedies

pregnancy sickness

You are likely to get a little queasy, especially during the first trimester. You might experience even full-on vomiting. Also, things like heartburn and constipation start to set in as the pregnancy progresses. You should buy items for morning sickness. The popular ones include a supply of pretzels and plain crackers, morning sickness lollipops, and anti-nausea wrist bands. For constipation and heartburn, you can take OTC medications. Moreover, any Cardiff Baby Scan Packages can help you keep a check on your baby’s development in a budget.

Author Biography: Hi, I am Valerie Carmichael. I work part-time in a healthcare facility and in my spare time, I like to write about pregnancy and mother care.