Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy

Ways To Avoid The Chances Of Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy

Medical survey reports say that almost 15% of women experience pregnancy loss in the very first trimester. This is why gynecologists recommend staying a bit more careful during this time. Still, there happen some unexpected pregnancy losses due to some reasons. The experts of Window to the Womb, one of the highly reviewed private ultrasound scan clinics in Peterborough would discuss the snippets to avoid pregnancy loss during the early pregnancy.

Before moving towards the main topic, let us inform you about the main causes of pregnancy loss.


  • Some chronic medical issues like diabetes, thyroid, etc.
  • The age of the mother (above 35)
  • Hypertension and other mental illness
  • Obesity or excessive body weight
  • Previous record of pregnancy loss
  • Any family history regarding miscarriage
  • Excessive smoking, drinking, and maintaining an unruly lifestyle for a longer period of time.
  • Besides these, there are so many other reasons that are responsible for facing a pregnancy loss either directly or indirectly.

Ways to avoid the chances of having a miscarriage in the early pregnancy:

Keep your hands clean always

Infections are the major reasons that can provoke a pregnancy loss. Such infections generally happen through hands. This is why an expecting mother should always keep her hands clean by washing them every now and then.
This has become more relevant since the covid-19 pandemic has popped into the world.

Be enough careful while having food

The baby inside the womb of an expecting mother remains at high risk if the mother consumes some food items that are the common source of some pernicious bacteria. Such food items are half-cooked meat, unpasteurized cheese, food items that are preserved with chemical preservatives, etc.

Quit smoking and drinking strictly

Both smoking and drinking are excessively fatal for a baby. Hence, doctors suggest quitting smoking and drinking to a couple even before conception. Hence, if you and your partner are planning for a baby soon, quit smoking and drinking as early as possible for the sake of the upcoming baby’s well-being.

Try to take a flu shot

Expecting women who get the flu during pregnancy are at a risk. Hence, an expecting mother can get a flu shot with the permission of her doctor. Medical science has not gathered any information that indicates any kind of risk factor to get a flu shot in pregnancy. Still, if you are in doubt, ask your doctor and then take necessary actions accordingly.

Go for early pregnancy scans regularly

Going through the early pregnancy scans also comes under the category of prenatal care which is absolutely unavoidable. An early pregnancy scan during the first trimester of pregnancy can easily detect any complication if there is any, and after that, the doctor can start its treatment to avoid the chances of a miscarriage. In a complicated pregnancy case, starting treatment at the very first stage is much needed. Hence, going through an early pregnancy scan is indispensable.

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