Ultrasound Scan Clinics During The Covid-19

Safety Guidelines For Ultrasound Scan Clinics During The Covid-19

Going through the ultrasound scan with maintaining proper regularity is one of the unavoidable tasks during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should never skip her ultrasound scans. We know that worldwide the covid-19 pandemic is prevailing for the last one and a half years. For this pandemic, normal life has changed its routine. There are so many things we are bound to stop because of this pandemic. But an ultrasound scan should never get interrupted because of this pandemic, especially, when a woman is expecting her little one.

For this, the ultrasound scan clinics should maintain some safety measurements for the sake of the patients, sonographers, and all the staff in the clinic. Being the leading private ultrasound scan clinic in Aylesbury, Window to the Womb provides a guideline that should be maintained by all the scan clinics out there.

What are the changes to be done while performing the ultrasound scan?

  • The patients should be screened carefully and asked if they have any symptom that is directly associated with covid-19 and also if they have come into direct contact with a person who has confirmed a case of covid-19 recently.

  • The patients who have some risk for the covid-19 cases should not be allowed now. Their appointment should be done after some days.

  • The clinics should inform the patients about the accurate appointment time so that the patients do not need to come earlier and wait unnecessarily.

  • The members of the clinics should not allow gatherings. The unnecessary crowd can put all at risk.

  • The authority should suggest every patient not bring any additional guests unless they need any assistance.

  • Every patient should be fully sanitized before entering the clinic.

  • Anyone coming to the clinic should have a face mask and the members of the clinic should wear PPE while dealing with the patients. This is obligatory.

  • All patients should be instructed to sanitize their hands before entering the sonography room and before leaving also.

  • After every ultrasound scan, the bed, tables, sofa sets, and equipment should be sanitized properly so that no risk of infection prevails anymore.

  • All the doors should remain open to avoid public touchpoints.
  • All the unnecessary elements like coffee machines, flower vases, and other decorative accessories that are fully non-essential should be removed from the clinic premises during this pandemic period.

  • The scan reports should be avoided to distribute on hand. Rather, the reports should be sent to the patients via email to maintain safety.

  • The patients should be informed that if they have any questions or queries related to the ultrasound scan, all would be discussed over the phone. No conversation should be entertained inside the clinic for everyone’s safety.

Following these above-mentioned principles, we kept our Window to the Womb clinic open throughout the covid-19 pandemic just to help our patients in the need of private ultrasound scans in Aylesbury. We make sure that our patients along with the staff remain safe from this unforgiving covid-19 virus.

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