Private Ultrasound Scan In Aylesbury And What To Do About Headache During Pregnancy

Private Ultrasound Scan In Aylesbury And What To Do About Headache During Pregnancy

Headaches during pregnancy can be prevented and treated easily.

Treating and preventing headaches during pregnancy can be easy. But if it persists, you should go for a Private Ultrasound Scan in Aylesbury for more examinations.

Headaches tend to be a common discomfort of pregnancy. There are a number of reasons pregnancy can sometimes bring on a headache, from the sudden stop of drinking coffee to hormone changes to not sleeping well and so on. Headaches can sometimes be painful in the neck as well as in the head. However, they are usually not dangerous, especially for moms and babies.


Headaches are generally common in women. So, it is not surprising that they pop up also during pregnancy. While the reason for headaches in women is not clearly known, there are many things that can lead to headaches especially when you are pregnant. Some of these causes include:
• Lack of sleep
• Dehydration
• Hormone changes
• Low blood sugar
• Hunger
• Caffeine withdrawal
• High blood pressure in pregnancy muscle strain resulting from changes in your posture as your baby grows bigger and gains weight
• Physical or emotional stress
• Eyestrain from the changes in your vision. Eyestrain can also be from too much screen time, either on the phone or computer.

To relieve or prevent mild headaches during pregnancy, you can try the following before thinking of medication:

• Manage stress. You need to find healthy ways in which to cope with stress
• Avoid headache triggers. If you have known of certain orders or foods that trigger headaches in you, then you need to avoid them. You can use a headache diary to identify the triggers.
• Follow a regular sleep schedule to ensure that you are having enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can contribute to headaches especially during pregnancy.
• Eat regularly. Maintaining a healthy diet and having regularly scheduled meals can help prevent headaches during pregnancy. Also, remember to drink a lot of water and fluids.
• Practice relaxation techniques. You can try visualization, massage, yoga, and deep breathing
• Be active. Try moderate aerobic exercises or a daily walk.

If you have tried everything we have listed above but your headache is persistent and becoming worse, you might need to consider a Private Ultrasound Scan at Aylesbury to find out if there is any problem with your pregnancy. You can check the Baby Scan Offers in Aylesbury that you might consider having at our Window to the Womb clinic at Aylesbury.

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