Mother’s Day Gift

This Mother’s Day Gift Your Pregnant Wife A Voucher Of Early Scan

Worried about what gift to give to your pregnant wife in this lockdown on Mother’s day? We have the perfect solution for you. The journey of pregnancy is filled with uncertainties. After the news of the pregnancy, the expecting mother needs to take various precautions to ensure the safety and health of the growing child. It is also important for the family to take care of the expecting mother. However, not everything needs to be a surprise or guesswork during this journey of motherhood. One of the benefits which mothers can receive is ultrasound scans that provide all details related to the growing baby very early on. Ultrasound baby Scan Clinic in Reading provides an early scan for expecting mothers to let them know the actual conditions of their pregnancy.

A myth associated with ultrasound scans is that they are not safe. Majority of pregnant women receive ultrasound baby scan wherever they can. However, it is a widespread belief that too many baby scans can be harmful to the baby and the mother. Unlike other processes of screening, ultrasound scanning does not use any radiation. Baby scanning is conducted with sound waves & echoes which are then converted into images via sonogram. Limited to no risks have been found till now with repeated use of baby scans.

Now coming to the benefits, there are numerous benefits associated with baby scanning. Some of these are:

  • You will be able to confirm whether the pregnancy is normal and prevent an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Baby scans can confirm the gestational age & thereby estimate the due date for delivery.
  • Scans are used for monitoring the growth and size of the body.
  • They are also useful for ensuring that a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid is going inside the baby for its proper growth and development.
  • Scans help identify the position such as the head-down position of the baby so that the delivery is safe and appropriate.
  • Scans are also helpful in monitoring the movements of the placenta and evaluating blood flow across the placenta.

All of the above benefits are essential for the smooth growth of the baby and ensure that any issue or abnormality is fixed in advance. Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic in Reading provides the best, advanced and modern technology equipment and services for ultrasound services, providing a smooth and tension-free pregnancy journey for the mother and the family. So, this mother’s day, make sure, you get the early scan voucher for your partner and have a great experience of seeing your baby for the first time.

Author Bio: Hi, I am Kristy Barrett. I work full time-time in a well being-care facility and I enjoy blogging about parenting and mom-care in my free time.