The Secret Behind My Excitement During Pregnancy

Well, hello lovely would-be mothers living in Cardiff! Pregnancy is different for everyone because it is an individual’s experience. For me, it is a very exciting period in which I have learned and unlearned so much. I find pregnancy exciting because it has given me something to look forward to. It makes me closer to another human being who is my own flesh and blood. Pregnancy is an amazing time for me as it has made me into a better person, I am now taking better care of myself because if I’m healthy then my baby is healthy too. I always ensure to keep a track on my little one’s health by getting private ultrasound scans from a good private ultrasound scan clinic in Cardiff.

If given a chance, I would become pregnant every year but I know that’s not possible so I’m trying to make the most of my pregnancy as much as I can. Here’s what makes me so excited about my pregnancy.

Healthy and tasty food at my beck and call

During pregnancy, I can eat healthy and whatsoever as much as I want without any guilt. Since I am pregnant, my SO is taking great pains to ensure that I get to eat healthy and things that I love the most. I can eat two oatmeal muffins without explaining myself. 😀

People treating you like a Queen

In my house, I have become the titular monarch because of my pregnancy. My husband has even started teasing me by calling “Your Highness”. Haha!

Talk of the town

The moment we announced our pregnancy to our extended family members, they all have completely changed. Now, everyone wants to know about the tiniest details of my pregnancy. You might find it nosy but for me this is love. <3 <3

Everyone being extra caring and kind

Due to Covid, I’m not going out much but whenever I step out, I meet with kind and caring strangers who wishes me best. The colleagues and people I never talked to have now become my friends.

Envious pregnancy boobs

My boobs look awesome, they are more soft and round now (better than the models with fake tities). My husband is so much in love with them that I feel like becoming pregnant again and again.

No periods and tampons

Aha, finally they are gone at least temporarily! I am not a big fan of periods and I’m damn sure nobody is so yes, now I have another reason to love my pregnant hood.

Getting frequent belly kisses from your hubby

My belly is getting the love it deserves every day! Thanks to my pregnancy bump! Numberless belly kisses from my husband, what else do I want?

Enjoying the art of healthy living 

Pregnancy means living a healthier lifestyle and we all know how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. My skin has become clearer since I’ve ditched alcohol, my bones now feel stronger and I feel more satisfied with my life now.

Someone to love inside the womb

It is an amazing feeling to grow a life inside you. I have started falling in love with my baby and that’s why I love my pregnancy.

Final Perk – Stepping into motherhood

Pregnancy prepares us to step into the most challenging experience of a woman’s life, motherhood, so how can I not feel excited about it?

So, what you love the most about your pregnancy? Comment down below. See you later!

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Author Bio: Becky Nicole here! Love to share knowledge on pregnancy and parenting.