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Things that none tells you about your first trimester of pregnancy

From transitional emotions to the encounter of medical jargon, the first trimester of your pregnancy can be as baffling as it is exciting. Perhaps, it is during this timeframe when your baby’s organs and major systems get developed, their eyes and ears become more prominent, and their heart begins to beat as well. It is […]

What are the benefits of an early pregnancy scan?

What is an Early Pregnancy Scan? Early scans are ultrasounds that are performed before the primary routine output presented by an Early Pregnancy Scan Clinic of Milton Keynes, which is the Nuchal Scan at something like 12 weeks. Even though you will not be offered an early scan at the Private Ultrasound Scan Clinic in […]

What Is Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy?

Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy We don’t have any idea what causes gestational diabetes, yet we have a few hints. Chemicals from the placenta assist the child with creating. In any case, these chemicals additionally block the activity of the mother’s insulin in her body. This issue is called insulin obstruction. She might require up to […]

Why do pregnant women gain weight after pregnancy?

All About Weight Gain after Pregnancy The body weight of a pregnant lady increments pointedly before birth. Individual weight gain can fluctuate, depending on diet and past body estimations. Go for an Early Pregnancy Scan at Milton Keynes. Numerous ladies need to get more fit rapidly in the post-pregnancy period. You can benefit from the […]

Healthy Pregnancy Tips for Overweight Mommies

A woman should plan for pregnancy when she is perfectly fit physically. The health and well-being of the baby largely depend on the health of the mother. Being overweight in pregnancy can cause some physical complications during labor and delivery. However, an obese woman can also have a healthy pregnancy by switching to some healthy […]

How to Reduce Your Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

More or less every pregnant woman faces the issue of having stretch marks. During pregnancy, when your body rapidly grows and expands, your skin is pulled tight over the new mass that is formed. Though it is a gentle reminder that you have given shelter to your little one inside your own body, stretch marks […]

4 Dangers of Smoking During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and smoking should never be in juxtaposition since smoking during pregnancy put both you and your unborn baby at major risk. Nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar are indeed life-threatening for your growing baby. There are so many major health issues that may appear as a consequence of smoking during pregnancy. Let the most recommended […]

Are You Looking For The Best Baby Scan Offers In Milton Keynes?

“>Are you looking for Early Pregnancy Scans in Milton Keynes? Early pregnancy scans can give you peace of mind by confirming the age of your pregnancy. Early pregnancy scan also gives an opportunity to listen to your baby’s heartbeat at 6-8 weeks of gestation. Early Pregnancy Scans (6-12 Weeks) The most common types of Early […]

How To Shed Your Extra Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride. If you have indulged too much during pregnancy, you need not worry because it is common to gain weight during pregnancy. You may discover that you have gained too much weight than the recommended weight during the pregnancy. For each trimester that you are in you may gain much […]