Smart Logo Design Policies

Smart Logo Design Policies Followed By GB Logo Design

Professional logo design services in the UK always follow a SMART rule in order to create distinctive and appealing logo designs. Although the quintessential rules do not really exist as such, there are some proven guidelines that can be learned from the great logo designers in the UK. Looking at past logo designs made by professionals, we follow some S-M-A-R-T policies which can be easily applied while making creative and professional logo designs.

However, this acronym S-M-A-R-T stands for –

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Appropriate
  • Resizable
  • Timeless

Now, let’s look into deep –


Logo designs that so far have stood out of the test of time successfully, are quintessentially simple. Through the passage of time, the taste of people has changed drastically. People nowadays prefer simple to simpler designs when it comes to business logos. This is why brands that had complicated logo designs, tend to remodel their designs to simplify them. So, when it comes to making logo designs, try to keep it simple.


Business logos are meant to be memorable to the target audience. And, when a logo design is made with simple designs, it turns out to be memorable and however, stands out among the competitors. Memorable logo designs boost sales and make a company or brand more recognizable to the clients.


While making a logo design, one of the most important points that are to be kept in mind is that the logo should justify the activities of the brand or company. If a logo does not match the brand’s activities, it will be worthless. So, a logo design has to be appropriate in order to do justice to the brand or company.


A logo design is used in a number of places or locations for several reasons. Hence, it has to be resizable so that it can fit everywhere properly. However, a logo design should be made in vector format and ensure that it can be scaled and easily reproduced in any required size. Resizable logos are easily recognizable even in the smallest sizes.


Avoid making trendy logo designs that fade away quickly. Rather, timeless logo designs remain classic years after years. When it comes to the identity of your brand, do not just rush behind the trend, rather stand out!

So, next time when your start making a logo design, act and think S-M-A-R-T. Otherwise, you can contact one of the best professional logo design services in the UK.