Get The Well-Being Scan Of The Baby At Baby Gender Scan Clinic Leicester

Pregnancy is good news for all but for mothers who are experiencing him for the first time, it is a journey mixed with fear and anxiety. Several questions arise in the minds of the family, the staff at Baby Gender Scan Clinic Leicester is trained extensively to answer all the questions related to pregnancy. Scans are offered in affordable packages in the clinic.

Many complications arise due to health problems in the mother or deficiency in nutrients, such complications may give rise to birth defects. Birth defects such as Downs Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Anencephaly.

Genetic abnormality is known as

• Downs Syndrome, where an extra part of the chromosome is present at position twenty-one. This defect is characterized by distinct facial appearance, developmental and facial appearance.

• Neural tube defects are caused due to deficiency in folic acid. In Spina bifida, the neural tube does not close properly. It leads to paralysis in the legs. In Anencephaly the brain and the skull are not formed properly. Intake of folic acid in the diet of the would-be mother is very important to avoid these birth defects.

The clinic in Leicester offers early pregnancy scans, as early as six weeks. As soon as the pregnancy is detected the doctor advises to go for an ultrasound.

The Ultrasound Scan helps to show the following-

• The location and the number of pregnancies are found out from the scan. If the pregnancy develops outside the uterus then the pregnancy is known as ectopic pregnancy. It leads to a life-threatening situation and is terminated right away. If the number of pregnancies is more than one, that is also found out from the scan.

• The next scan is done at sixteen weeks of pregnancy. The gender of the baby is found out from the scan. The position of the baby and the placenta is found out from the scan. Only diagnostic scans which concern the well-being of the baby and the mum are done at the clinic.

• The next scan is done at twenty-four weeks of pregnancy. Circulatory systems are well developed and the blood circulatory system along with the urinary system start functioning.

• The last scan is done at twenty-six weeks of pregnancy. The scans reveal the weight and the measurement of the baby. The growth and development of the baby are ascertained from the scan.

You can visit the Baby Gender Scan Clinic Leicester for any of your routine check-ups or if you need any advise from the doctors.