Breastfeeding The Newborn When You Have COVID-19 

COVID-19 has created havoc in the lives of everyone in the UK and almost a number of other countries. Pregnant women and new mothers are at the highest risk of getting a COVID-19 infection.

Every day, we are learning new things about Coronavirus and the vaccine is still yet to come. My advice to pregnant women is to never postpone getting ultrasound scans from an ultrasound baby scan clinic and my advice to the new mothers would be to take good hygiene measures to keep you and your newborn safe from the virus.

In case you’re a new mother who has been infected with COVID-19, take extra hygiene precautions so that your baby does not get the viral infection from you. Let’s come to the most important part of being a new mother – breastfeeding the infant. A majority of mothers in Peterborough are in a dilemma on whether to breastfeed or use formula. There’s nothing wrong with giving formula but during the initial months, breastfeeding is highly recommended. There’s still not enough study that prohibits mothers from breastfeeding their children. The researchers still haven’t found the existence of the virus in breastmilk, so, yes, you can breastfeed your young one by taking some adequate precautions.

If you are a new mother planning to breastfeed your newborn, read the following:

Get sufficient nutrition

Since you are already infected with COVID-19, your body is already busy fighting an infection, upon that if you are planning to breastfeed your baby, you need extra nutrition more than ever. Eat a diet that is rich in protein, good fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

Wear a mask

Do not breastfeed your child without wearing a mask. Use a comfortable face mask to protect your baby from the virus.

Keep your hands disinfected

Ensure to wash your hands before and after breastfeeding. After washing your hands, rub a few drops of hand sanitizer on your hands as an extra prevention measure.

Avoid close face contact

Do not touch, hug, or kiss your baby at any cost. Practice physical distancing while breastfeeding.

Use a breast pump

Opt for a breast pump as it’s more convenient in the era of COVID-19. Clean your breast pump properly after each use.

Consider donor’s milk

If you are too weak to breastfeed, consider a healthy donor’s milk which is not infected with Coronavirus.

Follow up with your medical professional and OB-GYN if you’re a new mother. If you’re still expecting, visit a reputed ultrasound baby scanning services centre in Peterborough.

Author Bio: Hi, I am Brittany Burns. I am a blogger. Recently delivered my twin boys and would like to educate all expecting mothers in Peterborough about every aspect of pregnancy.

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