5 Recognisable Logos That have Helped The Brands To Create Their Identity

5 Recognisable Logos That have Helped The Brands To Create Their Identity

A logo creates awareness about the brand and the day people would recall your brand by its logo, would be the day your logo is successful and so is your brand. There is no better way to make people associate with your brand than to write the name of the company in the logo. The logos that are simple, yet attractive are recollected more by the audiences.

Following are the brands whose logos are known worldwide.

1) Microsoft:

The four colour shades of the logo of Microsoft have their own representations. The orange bloc signifies “Office suite” or a busy life, the green bloc signifies “Xbox” or fun, the blue bloc signifies “Windows background” or calmness, and the yellow bloc signifies “Bing” or optimism and creativity. Therefore, combining the four most famous characteristics or platforms of the brand was a very good idea adopted by Microsoft.

2) McDonald’s:

A brand can come up with a professional logo design in the UK by keeping the example of McDonald’s in their mind. It is a perfect example of how colour can be used to one’s advantage. The brand made a smart move by removing the redundant details and keeping the “Golden Arches” in the form of the alphabet “M” to speak for the brand itself.

3) Amazon:

Before creating an affordable logo design in the UK, make sure that you pay attention to the subtle details of your logo, just like Amazon did. The brand has put an arrow and beautifully depicted that they offer A-Z varieties of products and that arrow also resembled a smile that would be there on the faces of the customers if they purchase from the brand.

4) Walt Disney:

Walt Disney
Whenever we hear the name of Walt Disney, we get nostalgic and remember the childhood bliss immediately. The logo depicts the iconic castle from Cinderella and all the graphical elements complement each other and create a magical face for the brand. Therefore, an entertainment industry powerhouse for a reason!

5) Apple:

It is important to notice how the company represents the attributes of the products in its design. When we think of Apple’s products we think of their sleekness, elegance, and accessibility. The logo conveys this feature very convincingly. The logo is retained in the minds of the consumer because it is simple. MR logo design provides such simple yet attractive cheap design logos in the UK.

Apart from these, there are other brands like Nike, Rolex, Levis, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, Puma, and many more that have established their foot in the market by coming up with great logos.

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