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5 Reasons To Use Personal Protective Equipment In The Workplace

Protecting yourself while working is quite essential. You should never neglect your health or your safety while working. In a working place where safety is quite important, buying such equipment from your PPE equipment supplier in the Philippines is the best choice. Here we have given some important reasons why such equipment is important.

Protecting Your Head

Hard hats

Workplaces like construction places have strict rules to wear hard hats. Without them, employers are not allowed to enter the site. These hard hats are specially designed to protect your head from heavy objects that can fall from above. But always make sure that these hard hats fit your head and it isn’t loose in any way. Otherwise, the hats won’t be effective enough to protect your head efficiently.

Protect Your Delicate Features of Face and Eyes

Face and eyes are quite delicate and can get injured quickly. Therefore, protecting your face is essential. PPE equipment for protecting your face is a face shield. If your wear a good quality face shield, the chances of injuries on your face or eyes will be quite less. Works like metalwork, air-tool work, woodwork, etc. are the best examples when you should wear face shields.

Protect Your Lungs

Many times, dust, fumes, pesticides, paint spray, etc. can be used in some particular works. If these harmful substances are present in your worksite, then protecting your lungs should be your topmost priority. Otherwise, these substances can cause damage to your lungs permanently even in the long term. In order to protect your lungs, a respirator can be used unless the place has excellent ventilation.

Cover Your Hands and Skin

Hands are used all the time while working. Also, most injuries that occur in a workplace are of hands. Statistically, at least 150000 hand injuries have been reported that occur in the workplace. Protecting your hand should be done carefully. Always wear gloves while working. Different types of gloves are used for different types of works. Some common types of gloves are rubber, chainsaw, cut-resistant, and heat-resistant gloves. Wearing these gloves can avoid hazards involved with chemical, metal, glass, sheet metal, and electricity work. Other than hands, taking care of the skin is also very important. Many skin diseases can occur due to harmful substances present in the workplace. Diseases like dermatitis, skin cancers, etc. You need to cover yourself properly to protect your skin.

Protect Your Hearing

Lastly, your hearing can also get damaged while working in a dangerous place. This damage occurs mostly in the manufacturing sectors. Both high-frequency and low-frequency noises can damage a person’s hearing. If it is high-frequency noise, then you are going to need earplugs and if it is low-frequency noise, then you are going to require earplugs. Keep these two with you all the time while working in such a place.

These are the five major reasons why you need PPE equipment for your employees. You can contact a PPE equipment supplier in the Philippines anytime to buy all the required equipment for your and your employees’ safety. Remember, it is always your responsibility to keep them safe.