You Must Check These Features Before Selecting Face Protection

You Must Check These Features Before Selecting Face Protection

Face protection or face shields are designed to protect the entire face of the workers from flying objects, sparks, chemical splashes while working in an industrial worksite. Face protectors are available in varieties of shapes, styles, and materials. Hence, it becomes very difficult to select the perfect face protectors or face shields for workers. Omaga Safety Supply, the commencing safety equipment supplier in the Philippines, in this blog, is about to provide you an ultimate guideline for selecting face shields for work purposes. 

What are the major points to examine minutely while choosing a face shield? 

Visor lens material:

Face shield visors are made in various materials. Among them, one should choose the supreme material for the application. 

-White steel and nylon protect from larger objects and provides a good airflow in the shield. But these are not appropriate to provide protection from dust or small particles.

-Acetate is a material that provides clarity and scratch resistance at the same time. 

-Polycarbonate is best to resist heat and chemical splashes. 

Anti-fogging covering:

Fogging on the face shield means facing obstacles in visibility while working. It is quite dangerous. Hence, before buying a face shield, testing the anti-fogging ability of the shield is unavoidable. 

Anti-scratch covering:

In order to run for a longer period of time, a face shield must have a scratch resistance ability on it. 

UV protection:

A face shield should be UV resistant if a worker works at the outdoor worksite. 

Anti-reflective covering:

For the clear vision of the workers, face shields should be anti-reflective too. 

Comfort and fit:

There is no significance in wearing a face shield if it does not fit the worker’s face. Without proper fitting, a face shield can never provide proper protection to the face of a worker. Besides this, the comfort of the worker also matters a lot. The face shield should be comfortable enough so that a worker can wear it for the whole day of work without any uneasiness. 

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