4 Types Of Pregnancy Scans Offered By Baby Scan Clinics in Leicester

4 Types Of Pregnancy Scans Offered By Baby Scan Clinics in Leicester

It is an emotional and moving experience to see your baby for the first time via a monitor screen. But besides such experiences, ultrasound scans are performed for a number of other reasons. They can help you to know about fetal development and also about any potential problems before-hand. In this blog, you will know about different types of ultrasound scans provided by private ultrasound scan centres in Leicester.


Early pregnancy scan

This is the first ultrasound scan that you will experience between 8-14 weeks of pregnancy. This scan helps in estimating when your baby is due. You can visit any trusted baby scan clinic in Leicester to know important things about your pregnancy. An early pregnancy scan, if done from an established clinic will give you accurate images that can help your doctor to check if the baby is growing in the right place, whether there is more than one baby and the baby’s development so far.

Gender scan

To-be parents are always eager to know the gender of their baby so that they can start their preparations before the baby is born. You can find your baby’s gender from around 14 weeks via an ultrasound scan from any private ultrasound scan clinic in Leicester. This is normally offered to you when you are in the 20th week of your pregnancy as it is easier to find the correct gender of the baby after twenty weeks of pregnancy.

Mid-pregnancy scan

It is also known as the anomaly scan, which takes place between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. This scan helps the sonographers to check whether there are any structural and developmental abnormalities in the baby. During this scan, you might need to go through tests like HIV, hepatitis B, and Covid-19 test as well due to the present situation. However, some unrecognized baby scan clinics might ignore a Covid test. Thus, it is always suggested to go to a renowned fetal health scan clinic in Leicester for proper diagnosis.

4D well-being scans

4D well-being scans will show moving videos of the movement of your baby. A 4D scan can capture highlights and shadows in a better way and thus it can create a clear image of your baby’s face and movements. You can go for a 4D scan when you are in the 26th week of your pregnancy. However, a 4D scan can only show you the video of your baby’s movements and will not help you in any other way. Many 4D well-being scan clinics in Leicester offer 4D well-being scans so that you can view your baby in 4D as well as get a proper well-being report.

These are some of the pregnancy scans which will help you to know about your baby’s health during pregnancy. Enjoy your pregnancy and do not risk your baby’s health. Check out Leicester’s affordable baby scan packages offered by the leading baby scan clinic in Leicester to save money.

Author Biography:- Hi, I am Beth Sutherland. I work in a healthcare facility and in my spare time, I like to write about pregnancy and mother care.