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4 Important things to do before hernia surgery

The hernia is a commonly-heard term and is not that a serious problem in the time of smart medical treatments. The surgery of a hernia is required only if negative symptoms take place and need serious medical intervention. Otherwise, nowadays in most cases, small hernias do not cause any symptoms and repair themselves in some time. However, if you need to undergo hernia surgery, there are a few things you can do to prep up yourself for the surgery well and lower the risk of postoperative complications. In today’s blog, let the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata share the list of 4 important things to do before hernia surgery.


  1. Stop some medications: If you have decided to undergo hernia treatment in Kolkata, the first thing you need to do is to consult your surgeon about the medicines you are intaking right now (for any reason). Your doctor might ask you to stop taking those medicines and accordingly, you must do that. Some medicines are not suitable for your health when you will be undergoing hernia treatment. Therefore, you need to have a word with your hernia specialist doctor, and surgeon as well to know what medications you need to stop immediately and what you can have in little or low doses before your surgery.
  2. Avoid over-the-counter herbs: Some herbs have certain contents that could result in heavy bleeding during and after surgery and therefore, hamper your healing process post-surgery. Such over-the-counter herbs are garlic tablets, ginger tablets, ginkgo, ginseng, fish oil, chondroitin, etc. However, you should be aware of their properties and their after-effects on your body functions, especially when tearing of any body part is concerned.
  3. Quit intaking tobacco, smoking, and drinking alcohol: Leaving the habits of having tobacco, smoking, and drinking alcohol are way necessary for successful hernia surgery. Such things usually have a bad impact on your hernia surgery and remember that after surgery, even a small iota of alcohol or tobacco might cause low blood sugar and intoxication. So, getting rid of such substances before surgery will reduce your risk and complications during and after surgery.
  4. Initiate having light meals 1-2 weeks prior: Just before hernia surgery, it is way better to practice cutting fat by taking a balanced diet consisting of enough protein in your diet to feel healthier and lighter. A light body helps in speedy recovery post-surgery and gradually, diminishes the risks and complications as well.

Hernia pain old manThese all are some of the basic things you must take care of before a week or more. Following the 4 instructions recommended by the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata will ensure minimum risk and speedy recovery after hernia surgery.