mood swing during pregnancy

4 Different Ways to Control Different Kinds of Mood Swings

Mood swings become a part of your life once you become pregnant. Sometimes, it is really hard to understand why certain mood swings happen and also hard to control your emotions. But if you are always feeling anxious about your baby, you can get an early baby scan  Cardiff to make sure your baby is fine. Otherwise, you can also use various methods to tackle various emotions. Here are a few examples of that.


Overwhelming Happiness

happy woman

Feeling happy during this time is quite normal. The news of starting a new family can be the most joyous occasion in your life. But other than that if you are feeling extremely happy without any reason, then it is most probably due to the rise of estrogen hormones. This hormone is responsible for regulating your mood which is also associated with serotonin. If you are feeling extremely happy, then there is nothing you should do to control the feeling. The only thing you can do is to spread happiness with your partner or your other family members.


Feeling Irritated with Little Things

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During pregnancy, you might often feel irritated with every little thing that is going wrong in your life. This is usually because along with the hormone estrogen, there is also a rise in the level of progesterone. Your muscles keep contracting and cause fatigue and weariness. This can make you feel irritated over very little things. If you are feeling fatigued and weary, yoga and deep breathing help a lot in these kinds of situations. You can take your partner’s help to cope with these emotions.


Anxious About the Future

anxious pregnant woman

Sometimes thinking about the future can make you quite anxious. The constant changes that come with a baby can make you quite anxious. Sometimes, the safety of your baby can make you anxious too. But the best way to handle such anxiety is to tackle it one day at a time. Don’t think of what-ifs. Sometimes sharing your feelings with a close one or someone who has gone through the same things as you can help too. Keep a check on your baby with the help of an early baby scan.


Too Much Crying or Weepiness

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Along with anxiety, you might feel like crying a lot too. This is all due to the fluctuation of your hormones. One second you could be laughing and the very next second, you could be crying. Don’t try to suppress such emotions and let it all out.


Having a proper diet and good sleep every day can help a lot in controlling mood swings. It is always best to share your emotions with your close ones and talk to them about what you are feeling. The fear and anxiety can be kept at bay if you remember to get an early baby scan in Cardiff at the right moment and make sure that your baby is fine.