3 Professional Logo Design Tends You Need To Avoid At All Times

3 Professional Logo Design Tends You Need To Avoid At All Times

Trends are always followed by everyone for everything whether it’s fashion or business. But these trends tend to keep changing all the time. A professional logo design when designed should also be designed based on the current trends. A designer should know what these current trends are and what trends they need to avoid. Here are three trends that should be avoided by designers when creating a professional logo design.

Bolder And Brighter Colours

Bolder And Brighter ColoursGone are the days when you try to stand out by being subtle with neutral and muted colours. Nowadays, most prefer to use bright and bold colours to attract attention. This is because most people tend to pay attention to something that catches their eyes and bright colours do it well. But, on the other hand, too bright and bold colours have some risks too. Too much bright colour can be uncomfortable for the viewer’s eyes. These colours have a tendency to disrupt the beautiful factor of a design if it makes a viewer difficult to look at it for a long time. When your design includes only images or both images and texts, you need to find a balance between bright colours and natural colours, especially for texts.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Asymmetrical LayoutsEveryone wants to break out of line then and now including professional logo designers. For a long time designing has been all about keeping the symmetry. But designers have been exploring design elements that are asymmetrical, overlapping, unaligned, crooked, etc. It is true that asymmetrical design is well known to attract attention immediately but this carries a lot of risks and it is very hard to pull off successfully. The main reason behind that is asymmetrical layout takes a lot of time which can lead to loss of the main message behind the logo design. If you try to put a lot in your design, you will easily lose your viewer’s attention. Therefore, you should use asymmetrical layout only when you are sure that it is not too clustered and the message you are trying to give has not become lost in the design.

Standard Or Cliché Fonts

Standard Or Cliché FontsFonts are also a big part of professional logo design. But the designs that are designed are mostly done on computers which always has the same types of fonts. Most standard fonts are comic sans, Times new roman, papyrus, etc. when designing your logo design try to steer clear of these standard fonts and try to come up with one that would suit your brand but isn’t used much. You can go for something simple, classy and sleek instead of choosing anything complicated which can be hard to read.

So, keep these trends in mind and avoid them when creating your own professional logo design. To know more about these trends, visit a professional logo designing firm in the UK.

Author Bio: Hi, Dalisay Castro. I am a graphic designer and a professional blogger. My blogs focus on new trends in graphic designs.