4 Types Of Professional Logo Designs You Can Use For Your Business

4 Types Of Professional Logo Designs You Can Use For Your Business

A professional logo design is very important for a business, old or new, small or big. IT helps to create a brand for your business. But every logo design should be designed in a way that suits the look of your business and looks perfect to represent your business. This is why there are various types of professional logo design that are created in a way to suit all of your business purposes.

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Wordmark Logo

This is a very common type of professional logo design that simply represents the name of the business in a graphically creative way. It can be done by choosing the perfect typography, colours, spacing, geometry, etc. With the help of this logo, you can showcase the entire name of your business to your targeted audience in an attractive way. This means you will be able to ensure brand recognition and your audience won’t confuse you with your competitor. It is quite beneficial for all kinds of small business and start-ups in order to make an impression.

Letter Mark Logo

The second type of logo design is a letter mark logo design. It is designed by using only the initials of the brand. This kind of logo is most suitable for academic and financial institutions. The acronyms help create the recognition you require for your organisation. Also, if the name of your business is lengthy, this is the perfect logo design for your business.

Brand Mark Logo

If you prefer a symbol representing your business rather than the name, then this professional logo design is perfect for you. Mostly used by global businesses, it helps the audience recognise the brand at a glance. Same as letter mark logo designs, this type of logo design is also perfect for a business with a lengthy name. But symbols are the most preferred way of big businesses to create brand recognition.

Logo Lockup

Lastly, this professional logo design is a combination of two or more singular logo elements. When they are clustered together, it gives the term lockup. One of the main element is placing a meaningful symbol to boost the purpose of the business. If you are business with a lot of diversification in your product, this is a good type of logo design.

So, choose any of these types of professional logo design for your business in the UK to represent your brand in the best way possible.

Author Bio: Hi, I am Elizabeth. I work in a digital marketing firm. In my spare time I like to give advice on everything to do with logo designs.