3 Common Shape Used In A Professional Logo Design And Its Meaning

3 Common Shape Used In A Professional Logo Design And Its Meaning

We consider a lot of things when we try to decide what kind of logo design our own business will be suitable for. A professional logo design requires the right colour, right shape and right elements to represent their brand. But did you know that just like every colour has a different meaning, every shape also gives a different meaning to the logo design? Here, we have listed some of the most common shapes that most famous brands use to represent something. Take a look.



Circles and Ovals

The circle is one of the oldest shapes known to mankind that can be found anywhere. According to Buddhism, perfection, utility and enlightenment are the characteristics of circles. For logo designs, the circle is used to enclose design elements or block them. If you look at the logo design of the famous brand Intel, it is of oval shape where the name of the business is written. But, on the other hand, in the Pepsi logo, the name of the company comes out of the circle. But in both cases, it represents unity and strength.

Squares And Rectangles

Another most common shapes used in professional logo design is squares and rectangles. Usually, squares represent stability, reliability, equality and conformity. If you think the square and rectangular shape looks unusual and boring, think again. Usually brand ties this shape with the number four like four seasons or any other four elements. These shapes give you the feeling of being homely, dependable, safe, characters that every new customer looks for in a brand and it helps them in trusting it. In case you want to use a wordmark logo or a combination mark logo, you can use these shapes.


Lastly, the third most popular shape used by a lot of popular brands is a triangle. This shape has been known to symbolize power, energy, and light. They are also often used as a beacon of hope in several religions. Triangles in a logo design encourage eye movement. If used right, it can make a perfect sense of balance. You can use an equilateral, right-angled and obtuse triangle for your logo design. Some famous examples of triangle logo are Adidas, Delta, Google Play, etc.

So, if you are having problems deciding on which shape to choose for your professional logo design, you can use one of the shapes mentioned above. Most importantly, hire a professional logo designer in the UK who knows the meaning of these shapes in a logo design.

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