Obesity In India

Why Obesity Keeps Increasing And Is Becoming An Epidemic In India?

India used to be known as the country with problems of malnutrition. But suddenly the wheels have turned, and now India is facing the problem of obesity. How did this happen? In the past 5-10 years, India has suddenly become a victim of obesity, and there has been a steady increase in the number of patients for obesity surgery. Nowadays, most obese people are not suffering from obesity due to genetic factors but rather other factors. Let us dig deeper and see why this is happening.

Everyone’s Lives Have Become Easier

If you take a closer look at your life, you will realise that things might have changed a lot from when you were growing up. The current generation has more access to luxurious lifestyle than the previous one. Children nowadays are used to things like AC in their room, a lot of access to phones and TV, travelling in cars whenever they need to go somewhere, etc. Of course, this is partly because the parents’ lives are the same way. Most middle-class adults tend to have a job where they need to work the whole day sitting in front of a computer.

Sedentary Lifestyle Is The Root Cause

When it comes down to the basics, one sure way to prevent obesity is healthy eating, physical activities and regular exercises. Unfortunately, due to everyone’s busy lives, people don’t get much time for regular exercises. Apparently, inactivity has become the new normal. Instead of walking a short distance, a car is a more preferable way. Once coming back home, adults tend to spend their time either in front of phone and laptop or watching TV.

For children, it is certainly not easier when so much study pressure is always there. If they are not studying, then they play video games and watch TV. In India, it has been seen, many mothers encouraging their kids to use the elevators rather than the stairs. Due to unavailability of space, parks are seemingly disappearing from the neighborhoods and apartments are increasing in numbers. All of these factors are leading to the rise in inactivity in kids when instead, it is their age to grow their strength and stamina.

Unhealthy Eating

As for healthy eating, when you are spending most of the time of your day outside your home, you will prefer to eat out more. The ever-increasing amount of restaurants and fast-food chains doesn’t help either. Not only that, if you are feeling tired and unwilling to cook at home, so many delivery services make your life easier and unhealthier. Even a decade ago, there weren’t so many shopping malls with food courts or KFC, McDonald’s, and Dominos everywhere. Also, if the adults are going to a restaurant at least once a week or eating too much processed foods, the kids will follow suit.

In conclusion, obesity is spreading like a communicable disease, a disease that systematically destroys your whole body gradually. Unless in rare cases it is a genetic factor, there is no certain way that can help you to lose weight quickly. Obesity surgery has grown popular as a way to cure obesity, but even then it is a lifelong process of maintaining your weight, by healthy eating and regular exercises.

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