logo reveal video

Which Logo Reveal Video Is Best Suited For Your Brand?

Logo reveals in the UK have become the trend. A lot of brands have already started using them to show off their personalities, stand out from their competitors and dazzle their target audiences. Want to know which logo reveal is best suited for your brand? Have a look:

alphabet logo reveal video

  • If you want to reveal the name of your brand in a sense of narrative as well as suspense manner, then there is no better way than revealing the letters one by one and spelling it out. This is rather an engaging way, follows a path that’s quite logical, and maybe a bit hypnotic too. You just need to play a bit with the fonts while revealing the brand’s name and its personality.
  • circular logo reveal video


  • A circular logo reveal video can evoke a community feeling, a sense of wholeness and can draw the attention of the viewers to the main centralized item. It illustrates the symbol of circular motion. And circle being a powerful shape – it is universal and is a great symbol that can be incorporated into the logo reveals of brands in the UK that are global in nature.

logo reveal video



  • There are some logo reveal videos where you will find the target audiences being completely immersed in watching them – this is because the videos actually carry them to distant, faraway lands. These videos are dreamy, escapist, and engrossing in nature – you will watch them setting up a scene for placing the logo & the audience right in the mid of all. These are perfect for businesses that want to put emphasis upon a particular destination. If you happen to be a brand having its roots in a dreamy location, a traveling company, or a business that’s based on an island, these logo-reveal videos are best for you.

illustrative logo reveal


  • In illustrative logo reveals, designers first draw the illustrations with their hands and then give it life by animating and pairing them with fonts & pastel colors. The fundamental of illustrative logo reveals is to get emotionally connected with their target audiences. So, if you want to try to make an impression on how original or caring your brand is, an illustrative logo reveal video is the way to go. Usually, the corporate brands or the ones in the financial sector who like to make themselves stand out from the crowd can use them. A lot of independent companies like florists, caterers, or brands that sell children’s products also make use of these logo design animations in the UK for brand identification and audience engagement.

gaming logo reveal


  • If you are a company specializing in gaming, tech, music, or medicinal products, an atmospheric animation with tech-inspired visuals is going to work wonders for getting connected with your target audiences. Try it out and see yourself!

brand logo reveal video


  • Sometimes you may find logo reveal videos where the brand mark appears first and then other elements such as taglines or fonts being exposed. If you are a social organization, a medical company, or in the publications industry, then this kind of animation is the one for you. It is simple, direct, and has a straightforward approach.


So, which logo reveal video type do you think is the one for your brand? Pick it cleverly and make your brand memorable for decades. Remember – logo animation creates unforgettable experiences for viewers.