What to do right away if you test positive for the covid-19?

right things to do in COVID-19

As soon as someone receives a positive test report for Covid-19, they become tense and scared. It does not matter how much strength he/she possesses mentally a sense of nervousness takes root inside the mind regarding the next steps! Listen to the experts of an advanced Covid-19 test clinic in the UK about the things that are to be done if you ever test positive for covid-19.


  • Isolate yourselfisolation

As soon as you get to know about your positive test report for Covid-19, isolate yourself from everyone at least for 14 days. Try to stay in a well-ventilated room for better protection. Putting on multiple layers of masks (double or triple) as long as possible, even when you are isolated from everyone, is necessary to contain the spread. But, try to change masks every 8 hours of intervals and dispose of the used masks properly so that those do not contaminate your surroundings further.

With prolonged physical isolation, it is very important to take care of your mental health. Do not let the isolation bring you acute depression. Stay in touch with your near and dear ones via social media. Or, you can utilize the time by pursuing your creative interests.


  • Monitor yourself regularlyoxymeter

At such a crucial time, it is quite tough to go outside to monitor yourself. For this, keep a pulse oximeter to check your oxygen level regularly along with a thermometer to check body temperature. These two can help you to monitor your recovery.


  • Proper medication

proper medication

Medicines are absolutely indispensable at this time. You must know that it is not just a viral fever or the ‘flu that may be taken lightly. It is a disease that has created a worldwide pandemic for the last one and half years and one must tread with caution. Consult your doctor regularly over the phone or on social media. Take necessary actions according to the doctor’s suggestion. Only a medical practitioner can suggest if you need hospitalization or you can recover by isolating yourself and taking the prescribed medication.


  • Get tested again

RT-PCR testing

After completing 14 days of self-isolation, you need to test again for covid-19 to get confirmation that you are covid negative and absolutely danger-free. This step is totally unavoidable as testing for confirmation plays the role of a safeguard to you and the people around you. But, make sure that the testing clinic is reliable for getting 100% accurate test results.


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