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What Are The Important Rules Of Graphic Design?

Whenever you will ask a graphic designer how created their amazing graphic design. They will always say to follow the rules during the graphic designing process.

It is also important that you should constantly be creative and come out of your comfort zone or contact an Online Marketing Agency in Kolkata.

Therefore in this blog, we will be learning about the 10 important rules by a Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata for graphic designing that every graphic designer must follow:


Diversity is one of the most important rules in the process of designing art.

With the help of diversity, you can show two different elements of the design in different ways.

Diversity can be in the form of long or short, dark or light, and rough or smooth.

For example, you can have a look at Apple’s designs.

It has only black and white color but the impact is very powerful overall of the design.


Positioning is all about how you arrange your images, texts, and other designs in the way of their importance.

By employing good positions in your designing process you will allow emphasize the important matter of your graphic design.

This rule will help to attract viewer’s mind and they will first notice it. If you want you may also visit the Internet Marketing of Kolkata.


You will rarely see any design that has only images in them.

To reach the message to the people you need to add text in your designs.

But it is not an easy task to choose a font that suits your designs that deliver the message of your design to the people.

It is advised by the experts of Graphic Designing of Kolkata to use different types of fonts for headings, subheadings, and others.

But do not use too many at a time so that it looks clumsy. It should be neat and clean.


Some designs look amazing in black and white colors. But that does not mean that another color has less importance.

Every color has its importance and features.

Our world is full of colors, we need to just look all around and get inspiration for making amazing designs.

If you want to take some ideas you can have a look at the Nike logo. The colors that are used are appealing to your eyes.


This rule should never be skipped by graphic designers. You can also use the white space in your designs.

If the elements that you feel are cluttered in your designs, just remove them. And make use of the white area in the right way.

This grabs the reader’s mind to read your message. But, it is better to get advice from an Online Marketing Agency in Kolkata. 


If your design is stable enough to hold all your elements then nothing can help your design from reaching people.

Your design should not be confusing and hard to remember. Instead, it should be easy and stable.

With the help of this rule, you can professionally polish your designs.

For a better understanding and inspiration just look at the world-famous designs of designs of Starbucks and Chanel.


Consistency in the graphic designing process is one of the most important rules that cannot be overlooked at all.

You should be consistent in your designs means you should use the same designing elements like color or fonts.

This will help your target audience easily recognize your designs. And therefore they visit your website for Graphic Designing in Kolkata.


With the help of your presence in your designs, you can easily create a connection between similar or related elements. Thus adding value to your designs.

And if you feel that some elements are not related to each other just remove the unnecessary ones as said by the Digital Marketing Company of Kolkata.

Have a look at the design of Black&Blaze. It has proximity in its design. All the elements that are used in this design are related to each other.


Arrangement is the golden rule for graphic design.

The elements not always the texts if organized properly can give your design an elegant touch.

Let’s take the example of Avianca, the coffee cups that are used in their design are arranged in a straight line thus sending their viewers the message of travel with comfort.


Last but not least, Rhythm means using a pattern or element in an order wise. This is the most important rule or fundamental for graphic designing.

This will help your designs to make them consistent and united. Hence this rule is used several times by the graphic designers.

For example, Coca-Cola, by rhythmically makes excellent graphic design. The elements that are repeated in this design make it consistent and harmonious.

For more advice contact the Online Marketing Agency of Kolkata.


We have concluded that graphic designing is done with proper rules and elements.

And also you should never forget that text is also an important aspect or element of graphic designing.

The experts for Graphic Designing in Kolkata who have suggested these graphic designing rules have helped you to do the designs easily.

With these graphic designing rules as suggested in this blog, you should also look for inspirations or ideas from your surroundings.

For example, the inspirations or ideas can be from your phone, television ads, or billboard.

This will eventually help you with acquiring ideas for graphic designing.

For instance, you should avail of the Logo Design Services in Kolkata from Purpple Designs.

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