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Top Five Suppliers of Safety Shoes In The Philippines.

If you are a worker on the construction site and your everyday routine includes tedious jobs such as working on heights, then you would be in dire need of ensuring your safety. Therefore, the possession of a safety tool is a must to follow all the safety protocols at your workplace. However, research says that the need for a safety shoe is neglected most of the time. A safety shoe supplier in the Philippines can help the worker on the construction site.

A lot of things are scattered here and there on the construction site. While working, you might not be in a state of mind to look at what is lying down, and you might stumble onto something and get yourself hurt. It would prevent you from falls and slips and protect your feet from punctures. The leather material of the safety shoes also protects from wet and hot weather conditions. Here are some of the top protective equipment suppliers in the Philippines.

1) Omaga Safety Supply

The company was established in 2008 with an aim to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety vests, harness, safety gloves, safety helmets, and many more. They aim to achieve the customers’ satisfaction, cater to their needs, and be the leading industrial PPE kit supplier in the Philippines.

2) Liberty Shoes


The company has 13 years of expertise in manufacturing safety shoes. The safety shoes are designed to provide utmost safety against all odds, firm grip on any surface, resistance against shock, and ample support and comfort to the feet. They are a trusted safety shoe supplier in the Philippines that uses quality material and genuine leather.

3) Aaliya Trading S.L

Established in the year 2010 in Manila, Philippines, Aaliya Trading S.L is a group of traders who focus on customer satisfaction and delivery. They have experience in the manufacturing and marketing of the varieties of safety shoes that they offer. From PVC gumboots to Electrical Safety Shoes, they are a leading supplier of safety equipment supplier in the Philippines.


4) Safety Shoes

PhilippinesThey offer today’s shoe technology in a weather industry environment. Their only purpose is to develop, design, manufacture, and market safety shoes that endure the call of safety, health, and environment.

5) Safety Jogger the Philippines


They are a leading industrial PPE kit supplier in the Philippines to engage in and undertake the business of distributing safety gloves, safety shoes and engaging in the fabrication, production, and processing for domestic and foreign clients.

Therefore, to ensure your security at the workplace, it is essential to get in touch with any of the protective equipment suppliers in the Philippines. 


A safety shoe supplier in the Philippines can prevent you from getting yourself injured at the construction site and protect against harsh weather conditions at the same time.

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