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Top 5 T-Shirt Design Trends You Need To Know In 2022

Creating a customized t-shirt design is not at all a matter of joke. The sale or marketing somehow depends on the t-shirt designs. Hence, the designs always have to be strikingly noticeable. The trend of customized t-shirt design is always evolving. Sometimes new styles and patterns are captivating the market while some styles are going through cycles and making comebacks with little tweaks. However, it is obligatory to make a revision every now and then of what is running actively in terms of designing illustrations for t-shirts.

In this blog, let’s jump right into the 5 t-shirt design trends for 2022-

1. Anime/ Japanese t-shirt designs:

Anime or Japanese t-shirt designs have already potentially built up their place as a go-to t-shirt design style. It has been a dynamic style when it comes to trendy t-shirt designs. Anime designs were most-loved in the last few years and today, even after so many years, this style is stuck in its place with the same demand. We are looking forward to 2022 to hold the same elegance of anime designs to get printed on the t-shirt.

2. Lettering designs for t-shirts:

Lettering style is quite popular for t-shirts nowadays. Lettering designs can differ from each other by using different fonts or texts. Young people of this generation are preferring lettering t-shirts more than other t-shirt designs.

3. Retro vintage t-shirt designs:

Retro vintage designs are classic and timeless. Again, at the same time, these are trendy too. There is hardly a person who does not like retro vintage designs. And, if it gets printed on a t-shirt, it will for sure grab the attention of many. However, this will remain a hefty t-shirt design trend for next year too.

4. Stroke-style designs:

Simple and minimalistic stoke-style designs are very much desirable to young fashionable women who like to experiment with the simple yet sober patterns on t-shirts. The best thing about this design is that it is fairly easy to design. Since people, these days prefer wearing simple designs, the stroke-style design is going to be a massive hit for printing on t-shirts in 2022.

5. Pun t-shirt designs:

Folks who want their t-shirt designs a bit witty, must go for Pun t-shirt designs. Puns are almost synonymous with humor, wit, and class. Puns can be incorporated as t-shirt designs by written forms, or by some illustrations, made by expert illustration designers, or by combining both words and illustrations under a witty concept.

Well, now it is a wrap for our list of 5 t-shirt design trends for 2022. Do remember that the success behind a good-looking and eye-catching t-shirt wholly depends on how cool the t-shirt design is. Hence, before you hire an expert illustration designer in order to create a customized t-shirt design, consider your passions and moreover, what kind of t-shirts you love the most!