World Health Day

This World Health Day Take A Pledge To Fight Obesity And Stay Healthy

We are celebrating World health day on 7th of April, a day that can be essential for all of us to make sure that we stay healthy. Nowadays obesity has become a huge problem, even in Kolkata. So, on this day, pledge that you will stay away from obesity and fight obesity. One sure way of fighting obesity is obesity treatment. But other than that, you should follow a healthy lifestyle. Here are some ways.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Diet is the most essential part of our life, especially for people fighting obesity. A healthy and balanced diet can not only prevent obesity but also several other diseases too. Your everyday diet should have all kind of nutrients. Add enough proteins, minerals, Vitamins, to your daily diet. So, choose what you eat wisely.

Do Exercises Regularly

This is the second most essential thing that you should pledge to do every day on this World Health Day. If you are an obese person, it can not only be harmful to your health but also obesity brings a lot more otter life-threatening diseases. So, regular exercise is another way to prevent all that. It will help you burn calories and stay fit.

Avoid Drinking

Alcohol is a big contributor to obesity. Alcohol contains Ethanol which affects the brain very same way sugar, fat, and salt does. The more you drink alcohol, the more your brain will urge you to drink. There are some reports that say alcohol also increases appetite which can lead to overeating. All these together can lead you to obesity. So, it is best to avoid drinking as much as possible. Drink only on occasions.

Drink Lots of Water

Apart from alcohol, drinks like colas, carbonated drinks or caffeine can also lead to weight gain. Water, on the other hand, can not only help you in maintaining weight but also in reducing fat. Other than water most drinks are filled with sugar. So, try to drink enough water throughout the day. If you are unable to drink too much water drink lemon water, detox water, or herbal drinks instead of sugar-laden drinks.

Avoid Junk Foods

If you are a strict follower of your diet, then you should also know that junk foods are a big no if you want to prevent weight gain. Once in a while, eating junk foods is fine, but try to avoid them as much as possible.

So, today, make these advises your new way of living your life. If you are an obese person but you want to start over, you can go for obesity treatment in Kolkata and then follow these ways.

Author Bio : Hi, Shrestha here! I love to spread knowledge and make aware people about health-related problems & solutions, so follow my blogs on Healthy Lifestyle. Be Fit. Be Safe.